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Children's Residential Social Care
Virtual Office

Policies, Procedures, Compliance ,E-Learning and Much More.

3 Good Reasons Why We are The Number 1 choice

Simply the best thing you can do for your Service 

Saving You Money

Affordable access to editable Statutory compliant policies & procedures at a fraction of the cost. 

Saving You Time

We provide continious updates so you don't ever have to worry about reviewing.

Saving you Manpower

Available when needed with flexible plans to meet your budget requirements. 

Saving You Money

on your Annual Budget

When you choose to use our done for you service, you save money on creating, reviewing and updating the statutory policies and documents needed for your service.  Your team can focus on looking after service users and avoid mistakes that can be costly and detrimental to your business and your Inspection outcomes.

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Saving You Time

On Additional Hours

How many hours are taken each year with having to redeploy staff to cover the updating of your vital resources. As a small business this soon amounts to time away from those you seek to serve. A done for you service where staff can access what they need when they need to means that they can get on with the core business and you can cut those additional hours from your rota planning. 

How it works

Saving You Manpower

On office Tasks

Instead of having your Managers or Seniors stuck behind the desk keeping your policies and documents up to date, you can have them access one place to get the job done. Need a care plan template simply download. No more paperfiles with templates everywhere. You will cut the need for office work to take precidence over care work.  Your team will feel motivated by doing the job they love rather than being stuck on the wheel of administration. Happy staff means happy clients and better outcomes all round. 

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Features for your peace of mind and To take your worries away.

There are various package options you can choose from.

  • We promise to keep you updated when changes are made and give you and your team peace of mind.
  • Instant access to your team to your own virtual social care back office. Availabele 24/7.
  • Use our templates for Policies, Care Planning, Day to Day Administration and keep your team on track with one source of information.
  • You can reach our friendly helpdesk anytime you have a question and we will walk you through any issues you might have.
  • Take advantage of our additional templates like statements of purpose, training, care plans, posters and infographics.
  • Keep your policies, documents, compliance and adminstration all in one place and ready to use by you and your team day and night.

What Our Clients Say

About our Service

Head of Quality

Graham Lewis, CareTech Community Services. 

"I have worked with Rezume for a number of years and they have been instrumental in developing and maintaining our policy portfolio. They have offered great advice and continue to be innovative in developing new processes to improve and simplify our policies and procedures."

Children's Service Director

Teressa Scarlett, Chrysalis Residential Family Assessment Centre

"Rezume offer a comprehensive and professional service. Rezume’s revision of policy and procedure have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of relevant legislation, and attention to detail."

Agency Manager

Domiciliary Care Agency

"Hi, Very helpful staff- taking step by step- being very patience and kind and not losing any temper with people like us who not very update with new IT systems. Thank You. ML, Manager, Domiciliary Care, London "

Home Manager

National Care Provider

"At last a system where we can find everything we need to do our work more effectively without having to ring the world and his wife just to get a form!! I am a happy manager today as I now feel we are catching up with other professional agencies. Thank you."

Regulation Visitor

Children's Homes

"Thank you for all the Reg 44 information we bought from you. It has been really useful and saved me hours of time and the template (and the content of the report following my visit, of course!) has been commented on favourably by an OFSTED inspector!  I suggested to someone I worked with to get your Reg 45 and they are very pleased!!"

Freelance Consultant

Children's Homes

"Your template gave me the confidence to march into homes during April and get on with the job I’m paid to do – in the absence of anything from OFSTED and even ICHA hadn’t come through with anything.."