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Why Use Rezume For Your Independent Visits?

We guarantee a rigorous, thorough and impartial independent visit.

Acting as a critical friend we provide a detailed report and action plan.

Our reports will highlight your progressive outcomes.

We will help you identify potential compliance hotspots.

We always put you first 

Rezume provides a monthly monitoring/inspection service as part of the Regulation 44 (or equivalent) requirement of children’s homes; schools, residential family centres and other OFSTED inspected facilities. The emphasis of the inspection/monitoring visit provided is to focus on quality of care, safeguarding and well-being on a month by month basis . We will look at how the service operates on a daily basis, highlight your progressive outcomes, compliance with regulations and make helpful suggestions if needed. We will undertake the requirement to consult with those who use services and other connected persons as required, we quality check all reports and send them to the regulator on your behalf.

  • Visitors who are residential childcare, compliance and quality monitoring experienced.
  • Visits that are not compromised by staff sickness, holidays, poor attendance or over bookings.
  • Robust reports and recommendations based on the specific regulatory requirements of your service.
  • An allocated visitor enabling them to build a rapport with Children, Young People and Staff Teams.
  • Attention to detail – Inspectors find our reports to have a good balance of challenge, aspiration and support.
  • Visits within the first two weeks of each month unless otherwise agreed.

We have visitors countrywide and work on a flat fee basis to ensure our clients know exactly what they are paying each month.

‘Monitoring by the independent visitor is of good quality and consistently tests the manager. This provides an independent oversight of the home and is useful in supporting the manager to critically analyse his own practice.’

Ofsted Inspector, Somerset

‘Rezume’s revised Regulation 44 visit report format is specific, informative, detailed, insightful, thought provoking and progressive. It covers the salient specific points and is creatively outcome focused.’

Ofsted Inspector, East Sussex

‘The Inspector said that your reports have a good balance of challenge and aspiration.’

Director of Social Care, Residential Special School, South East

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Our approach can help make a measurable difference to your Inspection outcomes!

Challenging behaviour was the accepted term for staff challenging young people in this organisation until Rezume were contracted to undertake Regulation 44 visits. Suddenly it was staff and managers being challenged – to accurately record, evaluate and evidence young people’s involvement in their care. And so the staff ‘kicked off’ as is traditional when challenged. Gradually this behaviour was modified and Ofsted judgements improved in tandem. Systems are now simplified and plans robustly assessed and reviewed due to independent QA at its best from Rezume.’

L Elgiany , Somerset Children's Home Provider

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