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Policies and Procedures

'We were able to design a portal with the Rezume team that enables our staff to efficiently access and download our Policies and forms. Rezume have worked with us on improvements such as individualised access levels, passwords and security.
The team at Rezume are responsive, innovative and always available to assist corporately or with staff enquiries.'

Victoria O'Meara, Director of Quality, CareTech Community Services

Electronic Care


'As we are all used to just getting emails either asking for work or criticising I thought I would break the mould. I am soooooo impressed with this system – at last a system where we can find everything we need to do our work more effectively without having to ring the world and his wife just to get a form!! '

RC, Registered Home Manager, National Care Provider, Hertfordshire


Quality and Compliance

'As I was so impressed with the policy system I decided to utilise the team to carry out a 2 day annual review on my home. The report was exceptionally detailed and had key action points for everyone to achieve. The team at Rezume are extremely knowledgable, helpful and supportive. I would recommend the team to anyone wanting to improve the performance of their home.'

Diane Worthington, Director, FT Carehomes

Ofsted Inspection Support

Pre and post inspection support helps give you peace of mind and better outcomes.

'Just to let you know that Ofsted again upheld the representations and withdrew their NOC. Thank you for your support during this horrendous time it has been invaluable.'

John Keirney, Director, Tumblewood Children's Home

Regulation 44 Visits

'Challenging behaviour was the accepted term for staff challenging young people in this organisation until Rezume were contracted to undertake Regulation 44 visits. Suddenly it was staff and managers being challenged – to accurately record, evaluate and evidence young people’s involvement in their care. '

Lou Elgilany, Responsible Individual
, Plus 1 Care

Virtual 1-1 Consultant

'I had a substantial number of questions relating to the setting up of a new children’s home. I received comprehensive answers, considering strategy as well as day to day management, to each one of them. Some of the answers were clearly based on the consultant’s preparation of and specific research for our session.'

Fabrizio Donati, Manager, New futures Children

Ofsted Inspection Improvement and Mock Inspections

 ‘We got a good outcome. Thank you for the role you guys played in supporting this outcome. You guys made a fantastic troubleshooting team.’ 

Responsible Individual, Children's Home Provider, Milton Keynes.

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Keeping You Compliant

Care and Compliance is Always Easy With Rezume

Onrezume Care Manager

Now it is super simple to manage care and compliance online 24/7 from one easy platform. Designed by industry experts your care planning, day-to-day management, quality and compliance is always available to all staff. Never miss a notification or update again with your care manager keeping you always a step ahead. 

Children's Home Start-up package

We have put together the essential elements that will help you compile the information and data needed to set-up and get your service registered in one easy to follow package. Get your registration completed quickly when you get started today. Instant access to the member’s area upon purchase. 'I just want to say I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this package. I had looked at the website a few times and then finally made the purchase. I must say it has exceeded my expectations. The quality of the templates are great and it is really helpful to have a step by step list in granular detail. I have also felt well supported. I have had spoken to Maggie on the phone and she has been great. Thanks again for your support.'

Alex, New Service Provider

Rezume Care Management Consultants

policies and procedures

Don’t waste another minute struggling with bureaucracy, policy management, tempestuous regulation changes and arduous audits. Join 100’s of social care professionals who already use our Children’s Homes policies, procedures, quality and compliance documents to stay ahead with their regulatory requirements.

Get ready for inspection

Our compliance consultants will undertake a mock inspection of your Children’s Home or Service. Our intensive two-day visit will identify at-risk areas or hotspots across your service, highlight areas of good or outstanding practice and provide practical actions and recommendations to resolve any issues that we find.

1-1 Consultancy

Dealing with the day-to-day mechanics of policies, regulation, compliance, staffing and admin can end up becoming a headache and before you know it, you are spending more time working in your business than working on it.

As a client of Rezume you will find our team to be helpful, friendly and able to assist you with day-to-day management requirements that take up your time but still need your attention, such as supervision, coaching and mentoring staff, inspection support, in-house staff hearings, start-up advice.

How to Create an Outstanding Children's Home or Service

Stay a step-ahead and build an outstanding service

It is not easy keeping up with the latest ideas, resources and support to manage residential children's social care. Rezume aims to be there as and when you need us. We can work with you to build the outstanding service you deserve.

How to Become Outstanding 

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