Your Workforce Development Plan

Your children’s home needs a workforce development plan because the plan provides Ofsted with specific detail on how your staffing structure and skill base enable you to deliver your statement of purpose.

Your workforce development plan holds the specific detail on your management and staffing structure, staff qualifications, how you will progress your staff team knowledge and skills as they grow and develop, and how you will manage induction, probation, and staff supervision. The registered person must also ensure that safeguarding skills are gained, refreshed and recorded in the home’s workforce plan.

Will Our Training Matrix Suffice?

Although many providers have a training matrix and training plan for their staff, the workforce plan has specific details beyond the training plan information. However, you can combine them for ease of management.

10 Reasons Why Your Children’s Home Needs a Workforce Development Plan

Not having a workforce development plan or an adequate workforce development plan resulted in Ofsted making the following requirements in 10 children’s home Ofsted inspection reports.

A quick double-check of the requirements listed below will help you avoid the same mistakes!


‘There is no overall workforce development plan. There is, therefore, a lack of assurance that the staff will be supported to develop knowledge, skills and expertise.’


‘The provider does not yet have a workforce development plan in place to identify the strengths of the staff team and their development needs. This means that there is no strategic plan in place to identify how the skills and knowledge of the workforce will be promoted in order to promote the welfare of young people and help them to make progress.’


‘Strategic planning is inadequate. The home has no current development plan, workforce development plan or effective training matrix.’


‘The home’s workforce development plan remains incomplete. While it contains an overview of proposed actions to retain and develop staff, a large number of key aspects are missing. This includes: the management and staffing structure; training required to deliver the statement of purpose; timescales for staff to achieve induction, probation and core training; processes for managing poor performance; timescales for supervision of practice; and new training and qualifications completed by staff while in the home or the ongoing training and continuing professional development needs of the staff. ‘


‘The home has a training and development plan but this does not fulfil all the requirements of a workforce development plan as outlined in the Guide to the Children’s Homes Regulations. The manager is working towards a level five qualification, all but the two most recently recruited residential staff have completed level three training. The plan does not cover this issue thoroughly. ‘


​‘The responsible individual has not updated the workforce development plan to include missing information as detailed at the last inspection. This work has not yet commenced, and the lack of completion of the workforce development plan impedes the effective professional development of the staff team. ‘


​‘There is no workforce development plan or contingency planning for staff shortages. This significantly hinders the manager in building up a clear picture about staff requirements to meet the presenting needs of young people.’


‘A workforce development plan and a clear vision for staff development is lacking. Morale in the home is high but clarity is required on plans to develop the permanent staff team. ‘


​‘The home does not have a workforce development plan, this impacts on staff’s understanding of organisational accountability; it also has the potential to affect recruitment, as there is no central point of reference in the home from which to analyse the skill set of the current staff team. ‘


‘The registered person has not completed a workforce development plan, although some parts of it are in existence. For example, there is a training programme with timescales for completion of induction and progression to further qualification. There is no listing of the staffing structure or the experience and qualifications of staff as required in the statement of purpose. ‘

Don’t let the workforce development plan be a requirement at your next Inspection!

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