With those Inspection visits always just around the corner it is time to hack up your leadership & management skills to keep your head above the water. Here are 10 ways you can build an outstanding team.

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Be a hands-on Leader.  Outstanding Leaders are those who unite their staff behind a shared purpose and who are open and transparent in their expectations and pursuit of excellence.

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Have clarity of vision. Always be 100% focused on the experiences of Children and Young People and be uncompromising in this ambition.

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Commit to Improvement. Always be willing to learn and ask ‘what could we do better?’

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Encourage Passion and Energy. Develop recruitment systems which will identify deeply committed staff members then inspire them to grow and develop.

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Stick to your Admission Criteria. Understand which young people will benefit from living in the home and create the conditions, from your first contact with the young person, this is most likely to make the placement a success.

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Plan for Success.  Undertake meticulous planning that engages young people and responds in detail to their individual needs so that their experience of care is highly personalised, combined with a commitment to never ‘give up’ on a child or young person and to do everything possible to maintain the placement.

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Banish the Desk Jockey. Ensure tons of quality time is spent with the children and young people individually and in groups so that they are able to develop meaningful secure relationships with the adults in the home, and with each other.

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Absolute Consistency. Absolute consistency in the management of behaviour must be rock solid so that young people understand and respect the boundaries that are set and respond positively to encouragement, rewards and meaningful sanctions.

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Unwavering Belief. Foster an unwavering commitment to supporting children and young people to succeed, and a belief in their ability to do so, translated into active support for their education both in the homes and in their partnerships with schools and other professionals.

check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Walk the Walk.  Work with each child or young person to build their emotional resilience and self-confidence, to prepare them for independence and enable them to withstand difficulties and set-backs in the future.

Use these Ten Tips to build your Outstanding Resilience. If you are truly confident you are doing these things and you can evidence them then you are heading in the right direction. If not, then maybe today is a good time to start?

Do you need support with your Inspection outcomes?

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VIP Tips

Do you want to improve staff morale and staff retention?

  • Reward your staff and turn them into raving fans! You don’t need to splash out on hefty rewards to make your team feel valued and important. Compliment them with an email telling them how you appreciated something they did well or for stepping in at short notice or for helping a client above and beyond. Let them know you see the good things and don’t just send emails telling them what they haven’t done! Do it for the little things and let them know they matter.
  • Send out a relevant weekly or monthly quote. Make it meaningful to lift their spirits and motivate them. Help them to become what you want them to be by leading the way.
  • Coach them! If conventional supervision doesn’t achieve the desired results maybe it is time to change. Build a coaching approach and attitude into your team and watch staff members flourish and become your bright shining stars. Coach them. Let them show you what they need then give them the skills to grow and thrive. Take their weaknesses and turn them into strengths through coaching. Then let them coach the next team member and the next.  Inspire them to grow them. Win, Win!

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Maggie Danesfahani

Care and Compliance Consultant