If you don’t want to lose your street creed with the Children or Clients you look after these 12 Dress Code Fails and Subsequent Mishaps are definitely worth avoiding.
Bring some cheer to your next staff meeting.

The Children’s Care Management role has been pretty heavy going these last few months. We thought a little light relief was in order hence the post below.

The 12 Dress Code Fails Your Staff Team Should Avoid 

1. Never, ever, ever wear a Onesie when doing a sleep in.

2. Not only don’t ever wear a Onesie, never, ever wear one when doing a sleep-in, that has built in shiny leather feet.

3. If you or anyone on your team absolutely has to wear a Onesie (for medical reasons or under Equal Opportunities to be agreed with HR), don’t even dare wear one that makes you/them resemble Shaun the Sheep, in any way shape, or form.

4. Do not try to grab a fire extinguisher from a teen who is hysterically laughing at the site of you laying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. Having exited the sleep-in room, blurry eyed from the sound of the fire alarm, dressed like a sheep, then   slipped down the stairs because of your shiny leather feet and expect to come out of it Fire Extinguisher Foam Free.

5. Remember you might just have to run down the road late at night in pursuit of an ‘in the process of absconding’ young person and jump on the same bus or train they have just jumped on. Or you might end up in the middle of the town centre trying to explain to angry 2 am clubbers who are shielding the hysterical young person, from a nutter in pursuit, dressed in a sheep suit, covered in foam, claiming to be the young persons carer!

6. Men, never, ever ever turn up for work on a hot summers day wearing denim shorts so short even David Hasselhoff would not be seen dead in them in an episode of Bay Watch.

7. It is a good idea to avoid shorts alltogether but if you must wear them please avoid wearing them with Jesus Sandals and white socks pulled up to the knee.

8. Ripped frayed Jeans might look cool but they are also a potential for embarrassment. It only takes one nimble fingered young person 0.75% secs to unthread you right down to your superman underpants.

9. Ensure your men folks are aware that speedo swimming trunks are ok for the Olympics but not ok for the local pool with the young people. (Unless they want to be red faced for the whole evening and be called not very nice names forever!)

10. Ladies, on hot day’s, be sure to restrict yourself and your team from dressing like Pamela Anderson – (also from Baywatch). Just imagine what a first impression that will be when your staff member leans over to check the Inspectors, Stakeholder or CEOs badge when they arrive at the door for a visit?

11. In addition, if you want to stay off the ‘Ridicule Radar’ and avoid the Hall of Shame (or fame depending how you look at it) never make the mistake of thinking it is a good idea to wear your new sparkly shimmery Boob Tube to work. You might never want to come to work again.

12. And finally, it is always a good idea to avoid raw garlic before a Shift, Review or Meeting with a Stakeholder and definitely not advisable before a Keywork Meeting or Life Story Session.


Before anyone accuses me of being a onesie phobic. I assure you in the comfort of my home I am happy to walk around dressed like Shaun the sheep.

If you have got any helpful advice or want to share a fail to avoid, please feel free to share in the comment box below.

All The Best

Maggie Danesfahani