This month we are focusing our 15-day Ofsted Inspection Ready Challenge on the Protecting Children Standard – Regulation 12.

Use our handy checklist to check that your child protection practice is up to date and to help evidence how you keep children safe.


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The Protection of Children Standard

12. (1) The protection of children standard is that children are protected from harm and enabled to keep themselves safe.

(2) In particular, the standard in paragraph (1) requires the registered person to ensure— (a) that staff—

(i) assess whether each child is at risk of harm, taking into account information in the child’s relevant plans, and, if necessary, make arrangements to reduce the risk of any harm to the child;

(ii) help each child to understand how to keep safe;

(iii) have the skills to identify and act upon signs that a child is at risk of harm; (iv) manage relationships between children to prevent them from harming each other;

(v) understand the roles and responsibilities in relation to protecting children that are assigned to them by the registered person;

(vi) take effective action whenever there is a serious concern about a child’s welfare; and

(vii) are familiar with, and act in accordance with, the home’s child protection policies;

(b) that the home’s day-to-day care is arranged and delivered to keep each child safe and to protect each child effectively from harm;

(c) that the premises used for the purposes of the home are located so that children are effectively safeguarded;

(d) that the premises used for the purposes of the home are designed, furnished and maintained to protect each child from avoidable hazards to the child’s health; and

(e) that the effectiveness of the home’s child protection policies is monitored regularly