Revamping your care service or just starting out, there are easy ways your purpose can increase your placement prospects and a few pitfalls to avoid. 

In this article we will cover 3 statement of purpose spoilers and how to avoid them

You work hard at building your service and it is only right that your name becomes known. Your service has something to offer that makes it unique. Your uniqueness should be one of the central threads of your Statement of Purpose and in your marketing going forward.

As you prepare your statement of purpose you will definitely want to avoid these 3 mistakes.

1. Copying from another organisation. 

Often providers just starting out will view another Homes Statement of Purpose and try to re-hash it to suit their service. This could potentially lead to claims of plagiarism and definitely won’t go unnoticed by Inspectors. Fashion your Statement of Purpose on your unique vision. Give the Statement of Purpose your own voice.

2. Copying word for word across locations.

Generic Statements of Purpose are no longer acceptable. You could be penalised if you choose this road. The Statement of Purpose should be unique to each service.

3. Poor presentation.

To attract placements you will want to stand out from the crowd. Your website, Statement of Purpose and marketing are ideal places to do this.  Use this tutorial to make your Statement of Purpose visually appealing.

Your unique selling point should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Optimise it from the outset and it will do a lot of the hard work of attracting the ‘right’ customers to your business.

Highlight these most important points in your statement of purpose.

1. How your service is exceptional?

2. The effectiveness of the type of services you offer?

3. Why should they choose your company over your competitors?

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