Social Care Managers = Jack of all trades!

These days, you are charged with, keeping Ofsted from the door, maintaining a staff team, a happy tribe of service users, a consistent client base and keep the placements flowing. To get growing and keep the placements coming in, there are a few things you could be doing to make your job easier and make your Social Care Placements future proof:

1. Know your place in the market.

To begin with if you haven’t yet got off the starting blocks and are contemplating a social care business there are a few things in this post that are huge considerations. Following the points should help you get a clear head start on what you need to do before you even embark on your new adventure. Additionally, if you are struggling to move forward it might be worth going back to this post and checking off the points and filling any gaps that might be needed to get you back on track. 10 Ways To Ensure Your Care Business Success.

2. Learn to embrace good habits.

I am putting this at the top of the list because it is essential to any success. I learned this the hard way throughout life. Bad habits held me back from reaching my true personal and business potential.

I was a looked after child who had the benefit of a brilliant keyworker. He always told us, it was up to us if we want to succeed, but, we had to form the habits that would make things happen. It took a lot of wandering and stumbling to get there. Above all, what eventually prevented me from succumbing to the well-worn care leaver pathway was above all, his good advice, applied, in the form of some new habit formation. This might seem daunting; you want to chuck it in when you see what is ahead and go back to the old way. But the old way is keeping you up to your eyeballs in work never ending and repetitive tasks. You don’t feel fulfilled and business is just not coming your way or catching every placement is a huge draining ordeal in itself or worse you are relying on one source! Isn’t it time to take the time out to set up the systems that will free you from all this? – Take a look at these 6 great habits to get you started.

3. Stop being the worlds best kept secret.

In the words of Queen of the bloggers Sarah Arrow, it is time to stop being the worlds best-kept secret and get your name out there. Tell people about yourself, your way, but make it memorable and keep them taking action. Your story, what you do, what you have to offer, why people should come to you this is what people need to know. You not only have a unique story if you have a website you have the perfect platform to tell it. But how do you stand out? Writing no matter how brilliant won’t necessarily help promote you, in fact without a few tweaks and turns it can harm you. The good news is that you can and will attract attention to your business and these guys will show you how to do this in their FREE 30-day challenge.

4. Build your authority.

You probably have a website and promotional material (even a Statement of Purpose and a Mission Statement) but does is it just the same as all the others? You need to stand out from the crowd and how you do this is stop saying how brilliant you are, show how brilliant you are. How often do we read things like ‘the no 1 social care provider.’ Would that grab you? Probably not so bring yourself to life, and you become the one placement teams will come running to. Find out how to build your authority and build your business.

5. The power of autopilot.

This is a must. Just about everything you need to do from attracting clients, keeping them and ensuring they get your authority info in front of people and never slip from their radar can be done on autopilot. From Admission to Discharge, an array of placement tasks and stakeholder engagement can end up eating your time and enthusiasm. They don’t have to! There are tools out there set them up once, and they do it for you. Before you know it you will be getting home on time. It takes a bit of setting up, but it is time well spent once you have many of your routine tasks running on autopilot you can get on with placements coming in and keeping a regular pool of placement opportunity that frees your time to grow your outcomes. Active Campaign is my favourite tool for this because it is easy and it offers a 7 day free trial you can use to get started and begin to automate everything. Once this is set up the next thing to do is build your list. It is not about making checklists, it is about growing your network and putting all of the previous points into action.

6. List building for business growth.

You are all set up got your content now you just need to catch your fish. You don’t need to keep feeling like you have to remind people about you. Get your prospects onto a list in autopilot software as above and autopilot your authority content and info to them. Then you keep them on the hook with automated content. No long hours of writing, chasing and repeating. Do it once and trigger it to go over and over to your list. Get them to opt in once and keep them on hook forever. All it takes is a trigger generally an enquiry, for you to send your info. That’s the trigger to your autopilot, and your list will grow. You won’t lose contacts or keep repeating the same thing. Learn the 7 steps to building your list and attracting more clients.

7. Future Proof Your Service.

Finally, I want to end the post by summarising why it is essential to your next five years and beyond to embrace change and why your five-year plan needs the above changes to ensure your service is future-proof and placements remain consistent. As the requirements for care providers increases, you might find your service struggling to keep up. What with fee’s staying the same, demands from Inspection requirements and the drive toward ever better outcomes for those you look after, finding the time to do all this is only going to ease when you make future proof changes. Even the big household names have found themselves victim to future changes – check out this story.

Virtual support is available and can decrease the financial and skills pressure on your already stretched budget and outgoings. A virtual consultant can work hand in hand with you to ensure that you are marching ahead as changes occur and are never lagging behind in this ever changing world – check out why is this essential to your future placement and business success here.