Why Use Rezume For Your Independent Visits?

We guarantee a rigorous, thorough and impartial independent visit.

Our visitor will help keep your managers challenged and your service on track.

Our reports are specific and targeted to individual outcomes.

We provide a detailed action plan aligned to the Regulations and Standards.

We aim to help you identify potential compliance hotspots.

Acting as a critical friend our aim is to support your continuous improvement.

We have visitors countrywide and work on a flat fee basis to ensure our clients know exactly what they are paying each month.

Rezume provides a monthly monitoring/inspection service as part of the Regulation 44 (or equivalent) requirement of children’s homes; schools and residential family centres.

The emphasis of the inspection/monitoring visit provided is to focus on quality of care, safeguarding and well-being on a month by month basis.

We will look at how the service operates on a daily basis, highlight your progressive outcomes, compliance with regulations and make helpful suggestions if needed.

We will undertake the requirement to consult with those who use services and other connected persons as required, we quality check all reports and send them to the regulator on your behalf.

  • Visitors who are residential childcare, compliance and quality monitoring experienced.
  • Visits that are not compromised by staff sickness, holidays, poor attendance or over bookings.
  • Robust reports and recommendations based on the specific regulatory requirements of your service.
  • An allocated visitor enabling them to build a rapport with Children, Young People and Staff Teams.
  • Attention to detail – Inspectors find our reports to have a good balance of challenge, aspiration and support.
  • Visits within the first two weeks of each month unless otherwise agreed.

What our clients say

Our approach can help make a measurable difference to your Inspection outcomes!

Rezume have been working with our Children’s division for several years, hosting and providing legislative updates to policy. When we were looking for a host for the Adult division, Rezume was the obvious solution. We were able to design a portal with the Rezume team that enables our staff to efficiently access and download out Policies and forms. Rezume send out update emails when we update policy, and have worked with us on improvements such as individualised access levels, passwords and security.

The team at Rezume are responsive, innovative and always available to assist corporately or with staff enquiries.

Victoria O'Meara, Head of Quality, CareTech Community Services

As we are all used to just getting emails either asking for work or criticising I thought I would break the mould and let you know that I am soooooo impressed with this system – at last a system where we can find everything we need to do our work more effectively without having to ring the world and his wife just to get a form!! I am a happy manager today as I now feel we are catching up with other professional agencies. Thank you.

RC, Children's Home Manager, Children's Home, South East

Rezume offer a comprehensive and professional service. Rezume’s revision of policy and procedure have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of relevant legislation, and attention to detail.

Teresa Scarlet, Director, Chrysalis Residential Family Assessment Centre

We are still awaiting Ofsted registration, but thanks to you and Rezume we are ready for them!

Clare Johnson, ASC Care

I have worked with Rezume for a number of years and they have been instrumental in developing and maintaining our policy portfolio. They have offered great advice and continue to be innovative in developing new processes to improve and simplify our policies and procedures.

Graham Lewis, Operations Director, CareTech, Community Services

Thank you for all the information we bought from you. It has been really useful and saved me hours of time and the template (and the content of the report following my visit, of course!) has been commented on favourably by an OFSTED inspector!  I suggested to someone I worked with to get your Reg 45 and they are very pleased!!

R Meadows, Independent Visitor, Independent Consultant

Challenging behaviour was the accepted term for staff challenging young people in this organisation until Rezume were contracted to undertake Regulation 44 visits. Suddenly it was staff and managers being challenged – to accurately record, evaluate and evidence young people’s involvement in their care. And so the staff ‘kicked off’ as is traditional when challenged. Gradually this behaviour was modified and inspection judgements improved in tandem. Systems are now simplified and plans robustly assessed and reviewed due to independent QA at its best from Rezume.

Lou Elgiany, Plus 1 (South West) Ltd

We got a good outcome! Thank you for the role you guys played in supporting this outcome. You guys made a fantastic troubleshooting team.

Responsible Individual, Children's Home, South East

I just wanted to update that we were inspected by Ofsted this week, under the new framework for inspections and have been graded as ‘good’ in all areas.  Thank you so much for the pre-inspection service that I have no doubt contributed to the improvement of our service.

Hayley Cowmeadows, Fairways

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