This year our organisation is going through various elements of re-vamp. It feels a bit like moving house, going on holiday and having a wedding all at the same time. Last year there were many lessons to learn with the seemingly never ending legislation, regulation & compliance updates. No wonder, many social care providers and managers feel like they are in a perpetual whirlwind.


So, this year is going to be all about keeping it simple and creating a business or job you love and maximising your compliance all at the same time.

Those who know my background know I didn’t take the easy road to where I am now. But, that is a good thing in many ways because I had to learn a lot. I grew up in care myself. I was somewhat inept at school and adults used to say,  ‘If there is a hard way to do something, then Margaret will find it.’


Eventually, after a long trip down the well-worn road of the care leaver, I found my feet. I started out with 16 hours of youth working and loved it.  Then I went for an advert as Senior Support Worker in a Children’s Home. Did I even have a clue what to do or say? No. It wasn’t until years later that I read a quote from Richard Branson who said, ‘If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.’


I would love to say my journey toward social care consulting had been trouble free, but that wouldn’t be true.  I don’t know if it was because I tried to over compensate for a lack of certainty that I eventually came out ok.  Along the way, the tips & tricks I used for survival have helped me, help others to grow their services, their organisations, their compliance, their staff teams, their skills, self-belief and the outcomes they need to achieve.  I can honestly say I love what I do.


I learned the ‘Art of resilience.’ How to keep going when I wanted to throw in the towel.  I learned that I had to listen to learn (A weak point I admit).  Then, having been in Residential Management for many years, I eventually ventured out into the big wide world of business. I learned (with a lot of help) how to start a social care business from scratch.


To start with what I found was that there are a lot of excelllent organisations out there with some fantastic ideas and products on what you need or must do to keep your social care business compliant. What I found lacking was the how to do it and the time to do it.


How to juggle the supervisions, the updating of policies, keeping ahead with legislation and there is a mountain of it these days. The continuous knock on the door from staff rightly needing support while the mountain grew. The updating of care plans, rota’s, log books, checklists. The Inductions, the NVQ/Diplomas, the endless training requirements and keeping up to date and on and on.  There were times I never saw my home for days on end.  If that sounds familiar, I hope you will check in, stick around and use the tools on offer and sign up to the mailing list.


I was looked after by some incredible people, I have worked with loads more incredible people, and I want to keep doing that.  All I can tell you is this. The tips & tools I will share have worked for me and countless others and still do to this day.  Social care has gone down a business road, and some of those changes haven’t fully translated into the workplace.


Whether you are just starting up your business or are long in the tooth, there are many opportunities out there waiting for you.

The shroud of compliance past still hangs over us and we continue to use methods that don’t appear to work anymore. If they did your desk would be organised, your staff team content and you would be getting home on time.

Hopefully, this is the year to make the progress you long for amidst the chaos.

How about making this the year to have a job or business you love and a life you deserve and, rekindle your ambition and your passion for the job you do, amidst the obstacles ahead.

In the next post I will share with you some of the aspects of the ‘Art of Leadership Resilience’, and how to apply them to your business or job.  This will be the foundation stone of the year ahead.

The first step in creating a job you love is ‘Eliminating’ time consuming repetitive tasks’ that literally keep you chained to your desk.  This is easy to do and the free tools out there will make it easy on your budget too. In my next post this is what I will show you how to do and give you the tools to do it.  For free information right now sign up to our newsletter in the right sidebar. (This will be revamped soon.  So don’t miss out on the compliance info included.)

Be good to yourself.


Maggie Danesfahani
Social Care Consultant/Writer/Coach