What to do when good is never ‘good enough?’

We think we live in a world which always demands improvement. Let’s be clear the world itself does not require it but the powers that be, who rule and make rules demand, ‘constant’ improvement. Nothing is ever good enough. We see this clearly in the word of care.

We are told, ‘good enough care,’ is never really ‘good enough.’

We must have new systems of measuring, ‘good enough’ because the ones we currently use are lacking, in that, they need improving they are never ‘good enough.’ So after each new enquiry or Inspection when inevitably the, not ‘good enough’ system draws attention to itself, we begin another overhaul. We seem to spend each day striving to either ‘achieve’ or ‘exceed’ good enough.

However, we find that the expectation of ‘good enough’ so often changes, just as we were about to grasp it finally, once and for all, a new ‘good enough’ emerges. On reflection, we feel this new ‘good enough’ is not only ambitious, but it is also in part no more than a re-hash of a previous good-enough. It still has inherent flaws.

Those with the duty of deciding whether you are ‘good enough’ have their personal benchmark mingled with the establishment reformation requirement of ‘good enough’.

It goes on like this year after year.

However, each year the little window of space between scrutiny grows smaller and smaller. So how do you achieve and remain ‘good enough?’.

Is it even possible?

It is possible, but you must want it. You must want to put aside what you think is demanded and replace it with only what is required.

It is that simple.

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