One thing Residential Care Managers who are working on being Quality Standards Inspection Ready often tell us, is that they often don’t have a focus on why they are doing what they are doing!

Do your team even know why you need to focus on the often tiresome task of getting your house in order?  If not, is it time to tell them and remind yourself?

Keeping it simple! If you are a Children’s Home there is an easy way to do this but it works for any service and starts to build in the ‘vocabulary of success’ that outstanding services are really good at. 

Mr Timpson told us when he launched the Children’s Homes Quality Standards that the focus was on High Expectations & Aspirations. This can be used as a mantra for any service focusing on long term success.

This can be your new guiding principle in why you do what you do (If it is not already). When you need to tell your team and your service users why you do what you do, then this focus can do wonders for both.

‘Why’?  ‘Because we have high expectations & aspirations’.

Download the headline image and make a bold statement somewhere about why you are or aspire to be Outstanding. 

When people ask why you do what you do, you now have a simple mantra, because we have ‘high expectations and aspirations‘.

Maggie @ Rezume