Keep your friends close and your enemies closer still? (The wise words of Tun Zu on the art of war.)

It goes without saying, that the more we know about our oppositions game plan and strategies, the better we will become at dodging their bullet. Whether you feel you need to improve your inspection rating or not, love regulations & standards or hate them, agree with Inspection frameworks or otherwise, keeping ahead of what Ofsted really want will greatly improve your chances of receiving a satisfactory outcome at your next inspection.

Ambiguity has been much cited in reference to the Children’s Homes Regulations and Quality Standards 2015.  However there is a little Ofsted hidden weapon (or gem depending how you look at it) that lies at the heart of the  tougher inspection framework and it is not much publicised. Ofsted released a report in 2011 which they now claim to be the catalyst underpinning and setting the bar on their expectations and Judgement framework!

It just so happens the report reveals the features ‘Outstanding Children’s Homes’ have that make them ‘Outstanding’.

Many of our clients feel there is already a David and Goliath balance of power in the Inspection process. This, even before the new framework was applied to inspection but knowledge is power! We have put together a summary of the main points from the report for you. You can add this knowledge to your armoury of preparation.

Now you can study the terminology, take heed of the practice Ofsted are most focused on and apply the formula Outstanding Services use to become and stay Outstanding!

You may well be doing everything that is revealed but at least now you will have another weapon in your armoury and a few rounds of ammunition to deflect the Judgement bullets. Every little helps!

Forearmed is forewarned. Slingshot at the ready then?

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Maggie Danesfahani
Inspection Improvement & Compliance Specialist

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