How To Ensure Your Business Is Brexit Proof and Tender Ready… Even if You Don’t Know Where To Start!

What You Need To Know

Small social care providers currently involved in the tendering process via procurement portals have been stunned at recent updates in the process. The content required to evidence your ‘value’ is like a confusing minefield. The process is more ‘business’ than care focused.

As part of your submission, you are required to submit your business continuity plan. It was also the case in the previous process. However, this time around, you will need to dig a bit deeper thanks to the need to mitigate any ‘potential’ fallout from the EU (or not) Exit.

If you are employing EU staff, there are specific requirements you must have in place to support those staff. If you have children and young people in your service who are from the EU, you will need to take action on their status.

We have covered the steps you need to take in your Brexit Policy Statement.

Why Do You Need a Business Continuity Plan?

A Continuity Plan is A Form of Risk Assessment

The Government recommends that all organisations adopt robust and flexible business continuity management arrangements (The Plan) to ensure that the impact of business disruption will is minimised.

The plan should act as an operational document, continuously monitored and updated.

The plan outlines the general procedures to be taken in the event of a business interruption affecting the organisation core activities.

The plan should provide a framework for an organisational response to a disruptive event. A plan to maintain critical services to service users, understanding that different disruptive events will have varying impacts on the organisation.

The Plan Should

  • Ensure suitable and sufficient structures to manage business interruptions are in place.
  • Ensure adequate arrangements are in place to minimise the impact of business interruption on the organisation service users.
  • Enables the organisation to instigate sound business recovery following a business interruption.

The Objectives of the Plan Are To:

  • Ensure critical services continue to be provided to services users/clients.
  • Ensure communication is provided in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Identify changes in working patterns and process to avoid potential risks.
  • Set-up a system for a flexible response to unpredictable events.

Eu-Exit Contingency Plan

Do you employ staff from the EU

Business continuity plans must address the ‘potential’ impact of an Eu-Exit on your business. There are specific duties and criteria the employer must provide to workers from the EU and looked after children from the EU.

Save Time and Headache in Completing Your Plan

Who is our done-for-you plan suitable for?

The plan content is suitable for Children’s Social Care Provider, Children’s Homes, Residential Special Schools, Residential Family Assessment Centre’s and Independent Fostering Agencies.

Identify the pitfalls: The plan identifies potential disruptions to your business and control measures to mitigate the loss of functionality.

Done-for-You: The plan is robust, including responses to triggers, control measures and maps continuity and contingency for you.

Flexible: You can edit the content or use it as it is.

Tender Ready: Tender ready content.

Brexit: EU Exit friendly.


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