One of the first and most essential keys to success in any business is being organised. But how?  So much to do so little time. One of the most effective ways to organise and optimise is to get rid of as many repetitive tasks as possible or at least get them on auto pilot.  The good news is,  there are loads of free tools on the Internet that can save you time, money and manpower, totally FREE.

For example, the care industry just loves or is seemingly obsessed with gathering feedback and data collection for just about everything you can imagine.  In terms of quality improvement, quality of care, Inspection, accountability and keeping stakeholders foremost, it has becoming an essential task that you can’t skip and once a year is no longer viable. But it is no simple task, writing questions, collation statistics, analysing data and on it goes. If you can’t afford for someone to do it for you it can become one of those continuous nightmare tasks that eats your time and enthusiasm when survey or feedback time comes around. (especially in small teams)

One of the tools you can use to make massive savings on time, money and staff hours, that can be better utilised elsewhere, is with the power of automation. Before, you run off at the thought of setting something up, the benefits in time savings alone are worth it.

A system that just does it over and over and over, how good is that?

Most of us have direct debits going out in one form or other. It is a form of Automation. Why not harness this on the things that eat your time, money and manpower?

For example, here are six ways Survey Monkey can help get your social care stakeholder feedback, truly, done and dusted.  There are other survey tools but we find Survey Monkey is very easy to use.

What is it?

Survey Monkey is a FREE online tool. Not only can you automate your feedback it will,

  1. Send your feedback to all your contacts on auto pilot
  2. Set the send date and it also sends auto reminders to reluctant responders.
  3. Collate the feedback information for you.
  4. Automatically compile the statistics
  5. Auto timers enable you to send what you want when you want.
  6. Download your ready made statistics, tweak your form or questions and leave it to do the rest for you.

You simply create your surveys and let them roll. If you are a small business on a tight budget using FREE tools to automate will help you keep ahead. You will be saving yourself or your admin (or Seniors or Deputy) a lot of headache and it is FREE.

This one simple tool has helped us and our clients shave hours of the task of routine feedback!

If getting organised, efficient and home on time is one of your goals, start using the power of automated surveys to begin with.

You will be glad you did.

Maggie Danesfahani
Social Care Consultant/Writer/Business Coach

PS.  Rezume can provide a done for you service contact 0800 1 30 30 90 and find out how.


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