How to Take on Children's Care Home Management Challenges with Consistency and Confidence?

If you have read the last two posts in this series of articles, you will know that we have been discussing the two key problems that face most managers, but particularly those at the helm of children's residential care homes. Now that we have discussed the issues, it's time to look at a solution to these problems. The solution we wanted to highlight was Rezume's Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner.

What is the Children’s Home Manager’s Annual Planner?

The Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner has been devised to help children’s care home leaders organise and plan everything so that they can manage the future without uncertainties, even when you don't know what's around the corner.

How Does it Work?

The Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner helps you to act without missing any critical steps along the way that could cost you money or time or even damage your inspection rating or credibility. The planner is designed to ensure you have a whole year of tasks and activities that you don't need to worry or stress about.

The planner allows your manager to complete at least one task a day, to ensure your organisation is just that, organised while staying fully compliant.

diane worthington

-director of care,

ft care homes, doncaster-

"We have been using the Care Manager Annual Planner and this has helped our management team to identify upcoming tasks. They have been able to utilise the planner to prioritise tasks & plan their time more effectively. It is a great tool that helps the team to become more organised. I would highly recommend this planner to both new & experienced managers."

Take on Challenges with Consistency and Confidence

It is difficult enough during the average 365 days to keep things running smoothly while coming up with brand new and fresh ideas and ensuring your services are Ofsted-compliant.

The Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner helps to make all of that easier by allowing you to transform your yearly schedule completely.

Easy to Use Step by Step System

The thing we are most excited about with the Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner is not just how effective it is, but how easy it is to use. There are always going to be those little things that you miss because you are dealing with significant challenges. The planner stops that from happening with its step-by-step system. The planner will prompt the manager at the helm of your children's home with a daily task they need to complete so that things are always moving along in the right direction.

Allows Managers to Focus Their Attention

There are a lot of different distractions that can cause managers to lose sight of the things they should be doing. Overwhelm and procrastination, as we've shown in the previous article, can play havoc too. With the Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner, it ensures managers keep their focus so that all the tasks are being handled and completed promptly and meeting the annual requirements of your children's home.

The step-by-step system categorises tasks in terms of priority and importance. Your manager will have no excuses for feeling stressed or finding it hard to stay on top of things with this planner doing all the hard-organisational work for him or her.