Research by children’s charity St Christopher’s Fellowship has discovered how therapeutic initiatives can support the wellbeing of professionals working in children’s homes and semi-independent homes.

The project is part of St Christopher’s strategic commitment to improve emotional wellbeing by arming staff with the support, theoretical underpinnings and tools to work in a psychologically-informed way.

Research ran from April 2020 to April 2021 using The Professional Quality of Life Survey (ProQOL), a questionnaire for those working in ‘caring’ roles with people who have experience of trauma. It aimed to identify ways to support positive wellbeing and to determine if stress was a key factor in staff turnover within children’s homes and semi-independent homes.

The need for the research came out of what young people say is important in their lives. Relationships are a vital element of stability for young people in care. To achieve this, the workforce needs support so they can provide consistent care, support and love to the children and young people they work with.

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