Another dime another day.

It seems that just lately the news is full of stories like the one cited below. At least this time it is not children’s homes on the end of biased one sided reporting.

A local authority heavily criticised by Ofsted in an ‘inadequate’ judgment earlier this year has unveiled plans to cut 248 jobs across the council to fund children’s services improvements. On Monday, Stoke-on-Trent council launched a consultation inviting members of the public to comment on proposals aimed at freeing up £5.5 million, which are also set […]

Source: ‘Inadequate’ council set to cut 250 jobs to fund children’s services improvements

Any service dealing with this local authority might just want to check, double and triple check any referrals that come your way.

Only last week a home was re-referred a young person who they had to move because his local authority referral criteria lacked the whole truth on risks presented to others (no shock there) and the consequences were inevitable. Not only were they not told at the original referral. Having discharged the young person he was re-referred some weeks later (after yet another placement breakdown) with no mention of any of the incidents caused, the risks he presented or the skills noted that would ‘realistically’ be needed to support him and keep him and others safe. (The Manager in line with Regulation 5 duly notified Ofsted!)

With the best will in the world – providers might actually want to start double checking local authority ratings and putting their own contingencies in place!

Currently 80% of Children’s Home Providers are rated Good or Outstanding. The percentage of LAs judged good or outstanding in the judgment “help and protection” remains low. The percentage of LAs judged good or outstanding in the judgment of help and protection has improved to 35%. After each LA’s first SIF inspection it was 28%. (Source) Not much change going on there if we consider 2015 statistics.


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Maggie Danesfahani

Care and Compliance Director, Rezume

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