1 Vital Ingredient = You!

The Inspectors may have gone but, if six weeks on, when he/she returns, your children’s home or service isn’t significantly and evidently different from the last visit, it won’t wash.

Your first impression has to be a good one.

Neither can you harp on that the team let you down, especially if you are their Manager.

You are responsible for delivering the goods, in this case, the standard of care needed to succeed at Inspection. (And don’t you know it!)

We get so caught up in doing that we end up running round in circles. Stop for a minute and think about how you can do all you need to do in the time you have and work in a few vital ingredients to make it so.

If you follow this recipe for success, your inspector is going to see transformational results.

Step 1 – Hit the ground running!

When you have your plan ready, you must be prepared to hit the ground running and have enough belief in your influence to persuade others to do the same.

The minute the Inspector puts one foot on your premises, massive action and transformation in progress should be visible.

Step 2 – Make your impact hugely visual, present and Involved.

Be prepared to work flat out, all hands on deck, to achieve maximum impact and results.

Give it no less than 110%.

You might think it is an incompetent person that can’t turn it around without affecting work-life balance. You should probably go home now. The provider who hired you is putting their faith in your expertise. They are trusting you with their most treasured possession and, to some degree, their future.

Step 3 – Take Immediate Action!

If success is your mission, it is entirely possible to turn your service around quickly, as you can see from the quote below.

It is equally possible to build an evergreen inspection ready, consistent and future proof social care service or business even in today’s climate.

Suppose you have a car accident and break your leg. You don’t expect to go to the hospital and not have it treated and the correct action taken. When you leave, at least expect a bandage to start the healing process, followed by regular checkups. This is vital to your success. Start the process of recovery BUT don’t let up. You need to keep going!

Step 4 – Be full-on engaged for success!

You will need to direct the show in collaboration with your team, but you are their ultimate leader.

They take direction from you.

You need to show up every day until it is back in ‘good’ working order.

Successful business people who advocate work-life balance didn’t get where they are by practising this at the beginning of their journey. They worked around the clock, hardly slept and were full-on engaged. On the other hand, note, they regarded the period as a temporary necessity to get ahead see below.

Rezume came in at short notice and assisted in obtaining a much improved OFSTED grading within the space of 7 days intensive work and staff coaching. I have also found Rezume to be skilful in general consultation, training and advice for management – so much so that Rezume are now on a general retainer for the Residential Management team. Attention to detail is good and we find that this type of diligence produces excellent dividends in achieving quality care. Director of Childcare and Fostering Services.
SR, Provider - East Sussex

Inspection Evidence

Much of the ‘evidence’ you need to concentrate on is right where you are already.

It is just a case of learning and applying techniques to ensure your ‘brilliant’ service is future proof.

Social Care Management Made Easy

If you really need to make your process easy once and for all, give us a ring – we can help. We offer onsite visits and an online service where we can help you set up your action plan for success, all via our virtual meeting room and support.

We can even write it for you.



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