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If you need a response and you need it now, our consultants can:

Be at your service or location within as little as 24 hours upon request.

Provide immediate phone support to providers & management.

Be available for skype conference or email communications.

Contact us now – 0800 1 30 30 90

7 Days to comply – Enforcement/Crisis/Closure

Services with pending closure, special measures, regulatory notice or enforcement, should take advantage of our immediate crisis response service.

If you need to take back control of your organisation, in the quickest time possible, we can help.

‘Hi All, Please be advised that OFSTED visited today, and they have lifted the caution. The enforcement Inspector was very impressed with the work that had been done in such a short period of time and said we would go back now to regular inspection schedules. All actions MET!!’ (Children’s Services Operations Director South East)

Our consultants will work with you

  • Support you with the corrective actions you must take immediately to reduce risk to your business continuity.

  • Prepare immediate action plans to target inspection requirements including how to fix them.

  • Support you to identify and evidence any inspection inaccuracies.

  • Work with you to implement regulatory requirements and provide the momentum to get the job done.

  • Concentrate on producing plans that are geared toward long term sustainability.

  • Help get your setting to the standard required to meet and exceed your Inspection outcomes in the shortest possible time.

Contact Us Now!

If you are looking for sector knowledge, enthusiasm for the task and considered advice you should be contacting Rezume. As a small provider operating Foster and children’s Residential provisions since 2007 there have inevitably been occasions when some expert remedial action has been urgently required- in one instance Rezume came in at short notice and assisted in obtaining a much improved OFSTED grading within the space of 7 days intensive work and staff coaching. I have also found Rezume to be skilful in general consultation, training and advice for management – so much so that Rezume are now on a general retainer for the Residential Management team. Attention to detail is good and we find that this type of diligence produces excellent dividends in achieving quality care.

SWR, Director of Childcare and Fostering Services