Ofsted announces a phased return to social care inspection.

For regulated providers, the interim period will run from September 2020 until March 2021 (the end of the regulatory year) so that Ofsted can visit as many providers as possible under these arrangements.

Inspection Visits

Visits will take place from September 2020.

Ofsted will prioritise visits based on the most recent inspection judgements, other information they hold about the provider, the amount of time since the last inspection and whether the provider is newly registered and therefore not yet been inspected.

They will evaluate:

  • the experiences and progress of children and young people, taking into account the COVID-19 context
  • how well children and young people are helped and protected
  • the effectiveness of leadership and management, including arrangements to meet the needs of children as restrictions are eased

Whenever possible, Ofsted’s methodology will be the same as for social care common inspection framework monitoring visits and interim inspections.

No Judgement Reports

Ofsted will publish a report after the visit. It will not include a graded judgement. Each report will clearly state whether inspectors found any serious or widespread concerns for the welfare of children. When they do so, the report will clearly identify and describe those concerns. The report will make requirements and recommendations for improvement, as necessary.

Source Ofsted.

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