Why Choose Onrezume Care Manager?

Rezume keeps us up to date with regulations, provides policies forms and templates all in one place with easy access. Providing a fast response to help us with any queries, and we love the Hotspots – as we are proactive in changing our systems as a result rather than reactive.

Diane Cain, Managing Director, , U5 Social Care

Care planning that your staff
will love you for.

Care planning records from admission to discharge are available to all staff on any device you allow them to access. Create placement plans and risk assessments. Update daily records quickly and easily. Records are streamlined to catch only the essential information needed. Your records are safe Onrezume.

Quality and compliance tools
that your manager will thank you for.

Essential quality monitoring tasks are available in the system. Complete your regular managers quality monitoring, monthly checks and essential health and safety checks online. Keep everyone up to date with any emerging concerns to ensure they are rectified quickly.Get notified when items are due.

Incidents, risk and behaviour management records
designed to ensure you meet your statutory requirements.

Complete your incident reports and risk assessments online. Be reminded when to send notifications to Ofsted. Ensure the team are instantly informed of recent events. When records are updated or amended staff can be instantly notified meaning everyone is aware of current risk and changes to strategies.

Policies and procedures effortlessly
keeping you compliant.

Onrezume Care Manager VIP membership includes regulatory compliant care policies and procedures. There are over 100 policies in our libraries and growing. Reduce the risk of using out of date policies which could impact your inspection outcomes. No more valuable time spent creating and updating the policies you need for your service.

Evidencing outcomes becomes
a whole lot easier.

Many alternative systems provide outcome tools, some good some bad. The problem is that most of these are not directly related to the outcome area’s specified in regulation and statutory guidance. This means you have to try and figure out how everything fits together. In Onrezume you will be recording outcomes and inspection evidence related to your regulations.

Personalise your system
and make it your own

Onrezume Care Manager provides your own personal secure back office in the cloud. It is our ambition to continue to develop elements that will make your life easier, streamlined but rock solid when it comes to compliance. Your team will benefit from a system that is simple and easy to use for all skill levels. Take back precious time and free your team from paperwork overload.

Don’t Hesitate, Get Started
With Onrezume Care Manager Today!

Never miss a notification, event or care planning update. Young people’s records, Managers quality monitoring and incidents and events are always at your fingertips. Policies are included which you can customise and save back to your member’s area. We will be growing the systems resources with a view to you never having to leave your Care Manager to carry out a process related to care.

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