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Onrezume Care Manager is the only one-stop back-office solution for residential children's homes, residential family assessment centres, residential special schools and semi-independent living providers. Onrezume Care Manager combines care planning, compliance and policies and procedures into one easy to use integrated platform. 

Care Planning 

Young people's care planning records from admission to discharge are available to all staff on any device. Create your young people's plans and update their daily records quickly and easily. Send notifications to people you want to view the records or inform about an update. Never miss a vital risk assessment update through simple notifications. All records are compliant with Ofsted and regulatory requirements and can also be printed in PDF.

Quality and Compliance

All your essential quality monitoring tasks are available in the system. Complete your regular Managers quality monitoring, monthly checks and essential health and safety checks online. Keep everyone up to date with any emerging concerns to ensure they are rectified quickly. Use our Ofsted inspection ready audits and tools. 

Incidents and Behaviour Management 

Complete your incident reports and risk assessments online. Be reminded of when to send notifications to Ofsted and ensure the team are informed of recent events. When records are updated or ammended staff can be instantly notified meaning everyone is aware of events and changes to strategies. All records are regulatory compliant meaning you don't need to make changes to the templates.

Care Policies and Procedures

No more valuable time spent creating and updating the policies you need for your service. We include regulatory compliant policies and procedures in our VIP membership. Edit your policies anytime online. We save you time by sending instant notifications to your staff team when there is a policy update or when you make any changes.  

Evidencing Outcomes

Many systems provide outcome tools however, most of these are not directly related to the outcome area's specified in regulation and statutory guidance. Very often, outcome systems get abandoned because they are complicated, not completed consistently and require lots of time to embed into practice. With this in mind, we are finalising a seamless outcomes measuring tool which keeps it simple but effective. You will track your young people's goals and targets and monitor their progress in compliance with the five area's of Ofsted's outcome expectation. 

Including Your Own Documents and Making Changes

Onrezume Care Manager allows you to upload any additional paperwork that you would like included in your bespoke system.  You can make request for changes, additions and updates via our request ticket system. We have the fastest turn-around for responding to your requests. We aim to ensure your request is actioned within 24 hours. 

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Never miss a notification, event or care planning update. Young people's records, Managers quality monitoring and incidents and events are always at your fingertips. Policies are included which you can customise and save back to your member's area.

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