Save time on your essential statutory compliance requirements. Our templates and resources will help you keep your service in tip-top Inspection ready condition. Most templates include example text which you can edit and amend for your setting.

  • Workforce Assessment and Development Plan

    The Children's Homes Regulations and Quality Standards 2015 are clear and specific about the need for the home to have a workforce development plan. Children's Homes Quality Standards 10.8 - "The registered person should have a workforce plan which can fulfil the workforce-related requirements of regulation 16, schedule 1.  This template sets out all the requirements for you to complete on an annual basis.

    This template is ready for you to download, use the included text as a guide to fill in the blanks and add to your service documents.

  • 5-Day Induction Done For You.

    Take your staff through the essentials of your service with this 5 Day pack designed to cover all the essentials any new starter should know before they hit the floor running.

    Easily get your new staff prepared to hit the floor running.

    This 5 Day Induction will guide them to all areas of your organisation that they need to be familiar with.
    • 5-Day In-House Induction Programme Mapped Out and Ready To Use

    Instant download and editable format.
  • This template will enable the registered person to complete the Children's Homes Regulation 45 - Quality of Care Review robustly and quickly.  Includes all the essential information needed to demonstrate the quality of your children's home.

    Includes prompts and suggestions to help you demonstrate your service progress, development and improvement initiatives.

    (Instant Download)

  • Ensure your Annual Statutory Locality Risk Assessment is up to date, and adequately safeguard your young people.

    This template is entirely prompted with example text and includes links to the relevant departments and data that you need to consider when undertaking this Annual Assessment.

    How safe are your young people from risks in your area, including Child Sexual Exploitation? Find out and update your required annual Regulation 46 location risk assessment today.

    FREE judgement framework quick guide and Children's Homes Quality Standards Wall Chart included.

    (Instant Download)

  • Specific, outcome-focused and progressive.

    The new and improved visitors report includes the reporting requirements of the Children's homes regulations 2015. It is updated to align with the single social care inspection framework (SSCIF) and focus more closely on outcomes. Ensure your regulation visitor (or if you are a visitor) is looking in all the little corners of your service.  Get them to delve deeper it may save you time, stress or worse in the long run.  This pack contains the essentials needed to keep you challenged, and progressively outcome-focused. All documents are available via instant download at the point of purchase.
  • The outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 is a fast-moving ever-changing situation. As a residential children's home provider, robust policies and business continuity plans form part of preparing your business for the worst-case scenario. Information and guidance are changing at an increasing pace. Based on the latest guidance for residential social care providers, we have prepared the essentials for you, including your policy and an in-depth risk assessment and contingency plan.
  • Children's Home Managers Job Description and Interview Questions

    Managers in children’s homes are required to lead from the front, be passionate and engaged with the young people they work with and be effective leaders who can inspire their staff team. You will want them to be skilled in the dynamics of your client group and to be aspirational in providing high-quality care. This pack contains a job description and person specification for your manager's role and essential interview questions to ensure they have the skills and qualities your service needs.

    Instant download when purchased.

  • Ensure the Children's Home Quality Standards are met in your setting before your next Ofsted Inspection. Induct new staff on the essential key points from the Children's Homes Regulations and Quality Standards. Ensure your team has a working knowledge of how the Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015 and Quality Standards apply to practice. The Children's Home Regulations 2015 and Quality Standards E-learning is ideal for new starters joining your team and as a refresher for existing staff.

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  • We understand that developing a Statement of Purpose can be a time-consuming task and embedding knowledge of it in the team is often easier said than done. In this package, we have included a Statement of Purpose Template with prompted text added for you to complete each section specific to your service. The Statement of Purpose is the Inspectors primary source of information at Inspection. This package also gives you the tools to train new and existing staff quickly on the main points of your purpose and ensure they have an underpinning knowledge of the ethos of your service. The done-for-you template, with prompts and suggestions included, will help you get your statement of purpose ready in no time and ensure you cover all the salient points. Edit and personalise the content for your particular service. Embed your Statement of Purpose in your staff knowledge base with our FREE bonus in-house training plans included. (Instant Download)
  • Outcome-focused leadership and management lie at the heart of any good or outstanding children's home. Virtual Regulation 44 will help you keep on top of your statutory obligations during the current Coronavirus crisis. Secure meeting room and confidentiality guaranteed.

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