• Annual Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template

    Don't get caught out when it comes to risk assessing your workplace environment. Complete this template annually to ensure you are meeting your workplace requirements. Quickly identify areas where action needs to be taken, add your actions and dates for completion.Simply download, add your logo, personalise and add to your Inspection ready documents.Suitable for any residential care service that needs to carry out an audit of health and safety across the workplace.
  • Tender Ready Business Continuity and Contingency Plan

    The Government recommends that all organisations including children's homes and other residential care providers adopt robust and flexible business continuity and contingency plan arrangements which will help ensure that the impact of business disruptions are minimised.The template includes prompted text suggestions to help you complete the business continuity and contingency plan requirements.The plan is tender ready and also includes the addition of Brexit contingencies you must consider and include.(Instant Download on Purchase)Suitable for 16 Plus-Semi Independent Providers, Children's Homes and Children's Residential  Care Settings.
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    Care Planning Risk AssessmentsChildren and young people’s care planning risk assessments complete with pre-filled example risk assessment text. This handy pack will help you create the care planning risk assessments you need in minutes. Fully editable and changeable in word format. Pack Includes over 40 Titles with prompts. (Instant Access)


    • Extremism and Radicalisation Risk Assessments
    • Placement Matching Risk Assessments
  • Why You Need this Checklist?

    Avoid unnecessary fines and damage to the reputation of your service!

    All children's social care services must ensure there is clear and effective instruction on the use of CCTV within your premises and that you comply with the regulatory requirement. If you fail to ensure that you have followed the requirements you could find yourself facing unnecessary fines and business interruption."Business owners need to be aware of their obligations when dealing with people's personal data and this includes footage from CCTV Cameras." “Being ignorant of the law and the regulator is no excuse; you could end up spending a day in court and receiving a fine,  as well as suffering reputational damage to your business. This could all be avoided with some due care and attention.” Head of ICO Enforcement.This detailed checklist will ensure that your Children's Home or Service complies with the above requirements and will ensure that your home has covered all the areas needed when it comes to security and surveillance.
  • In addition to your safeguarding children policy, residential settings will need to consider and mitigate the risks to children, young people and vulnerable adults of child criminal exploitation. Ofsted's Chief Inspector has raised concerns that signs are being missed and the possibilities of early intervention reduced as a result.  All Ofsted Inspectors have received updated training on the risks of criminal exploitation and county lines and will expect your setting to be risk assessing appropriately.Download your CSE and child criminal exploitation risk assessment and criminal exploitation policy and ensure your setting meets the requirements for safeguarding at your next inspection.
  • Complete the children's home safer recruitment checklist for all staff in your organisation to ensure you are up to date with the latest safer recruitment requirements.The Social Care Common Inspection Framework (SCCIF) brought a tightening up of scrutiny, particularly in the area of safeguarding. Coupled with updated requirements in safer recruitment practice, this area is being looked at closely in your Inspection process and will form part of the 'limiting judgement'. If you are judged inadequate in the area of protecting children, you are likely to be inadequate in the overall experiences and progress of children judgement.

    Who should use this checklist

    • Residential Children's Homes
    • Residential Special Schools
    • Residential Family Assessment Centres
    • Fostering Agencies
    • Adoption Agencies
    • Any organisation which requires staff to be vetted under safer recruitment practice.
    (Instant Download)
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    Children's residential care homes and children's residential social care providers are required to have a Brexit policy or Brexit policy statement for their organisation. Children's social care providers must ensure they are carrying out specific government requirements related to employees and young people pre and post Brexit.The Brexit policy includes the steps you need to take to insure your children's residential care home is Brexit ready and compliant and outlines your organisations Brexit commitments.
  • Extremism and Radicalisation Risk Assessment

    Radicalisation is defined as the process by which people come to support terrorism and extremism and, in some cases, to then participate in terrorist groups."Extremism is vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. We also include in our definition of extremism calls for the death of members of our armed forces, whether in this country or overseas” (HM Government Prevent Strategy 2011)This risk assessment will help ensure you have covered the requirements to safeguard your children and young people and put in place any measures needed for their protection.Also Included,
    • Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Checklist (Save £60)
    • Combatting Extremism Policy (Save £80)
    Instant download on purchase.
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    General Data Protection Regulation Toolkit (GDPR)

    A GDPR Compliance Toolkit to help you fulfil your legal obligations under the new regulation, and provide the documentation you require and guidance to comply with the GDPR.The Toolkit draws heavily on the compliance guidance your business needs and includes ready made templates done-for-you.All files are Microsoft Word or Excel - customise with your organisations name, logo and other details specific to your organisation.NOTE: If you are a member of Onrezume Premium Policy packages this toolkit is already included FREE. 
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    Incident and Critical Incident Report Forms

    The incident and critical incident report forms are used to record serious events that take place in your children's home or service. Incident reports are required for events such as absconding, missing from care, bullying, racism, violence or incidents of behaviour and include recording of physical intervention where it is used. The critical incident report should be used in cases where a serious event has taken places such as an infectious illness or an event which is catastrophic in nature or involves harm to a group of individuals.Both documents are in word format and instant downloads. 
  • Placement Matching Risk Assessment

    Matching children and young people in placement is one of the most crucial elements of successful care planning in the residential setting. The children's home placement matching risk assessment helps make this process more straightforward.This package contains the tools to help you make your placement matching risk assessment a success from the outset.Instant download on purchase.

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