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    This pack contains A4 posters and noticeboard graphics outlining the 9 quality standards. Also includes graphics that will make your website, noticeboard, publication or presentation stand out from the crowd. Instant Download on purchase.
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    This Easy Life Story helps young people get engaged with their life story.  Complete with editable photo packs, the template comes with an example plan and can take as little as 10 minutes to complete. It provides a quick solution to getting children and young people engaged and involved with their care and placement planning. (Instant Download)
  • General Data Protection Regulation Toolkit (GDPR)

    A GDPR Compliance Toolkit to help you fulfil your legal obligations under the new regulation, and provide the documentation you require and guidance to comply with the GDPR. The Toolkit draws heavily on the compliance guidance your business needs and includes ready made templates done-for-you. All files are Microsoft Word or Excel - customise with your organisations name, logo and other details specific to your organisation. NOTE: If you are a member of Onrezume Premium Policy packages this toolkit is already included FREE. 
  • Dramatically shortcut your residential family assessment planning with our done-for-you planners and templates.

    Planning your Residential Family Assessment is easy, focused and organised with your residential family assessment templates. Illustrated and plain versions are included along with assessment planners, observation records, Social Worker key work sessions, in-house parenting sessions, risk assessments, parents memory sections and more. Instant download on purchase.