Child Protection and Safeguarding E-Learning


Update your team skills and refresh yourself on the different types of child abuse; child sexual exploitation and understand your duty of care in relation to those including female genital mutilation and witchcraft.

This E-learning training is a must for new starters and all staff members who need their child protection training as part of your regulatory requirements.


Course Content and Outcomes

This online Child Protection training is a requirement of all people working with children and young people. This course provides all the relevant knowledge needed to fully meet this requirement.

The learner will gain an understanding of the underpinning legislation and guidance related to child protection and safeguarding. By the end of the course they will understand exactly what they need to know and how to apply it in your setting.
The learner will understand the different types of child abuse; including details of child sexual exploitation and understand your duty of care in relation to those including female genital mutilation and witchcraft.

Signs and Indicators of Abuse

The learner will understand how to recognise the signs and indicators of abuse, how to be alert to the possibility of abuse and the ways in which being alert to abuse can prevent the possibility of it happening and enable children and young people to feel safe and stay safe.

Responding to Safeguarding Concerns and Disclosures

The learner will go through the stages of what to do should they receive a disclosure of abuse or neglect or how to respond should they have concerns that a person might be experiencing or at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation. It includes details on who, in your organisation should receive the information and how the details should be recorded.

Good Practice and Legislation

The learner will gain an understanding of the current  legislation, guidance and good practice relating to the protection of children and young people.

Who should take the course

A must for care staff and those working with Children and Young People in any setting. Designed to be straight to the point; informative and practical; this course will ensure learners develop their understanding of child protection and safeguarding. A must for any new staff Induction programme or team members who need to update their training.

Learner Certification

This online course, includes prompts and questions throughout as you journey through the lessons. At the end of the course you may be asked some additional questions. After successful completion your certificate is immediately available.

Feedback from Past Learners

What have you learnt?

Learner A: The statutory requirements & types of abuse.

Learner B: Key principles of safeguarding.

Learner C: I have been refreshed on all aspects I have covered before in previous learning with QCF level 3.

What will you do differently as a result of the learning?

Learner A: Ensure I adhere to best practice and improve our current policies.

Learner B: Promote this to all staff.

Learner C: I will not do anything differently.  I will continue to use my knowledge and experience to enable me to continue looking after the people I work with 100%.

How will the learning improve your practice? 

Learner A: I intend to review current policies.

Learner B: Ensure staff complete safe guarding training to ensure recognition of abuse and neglect.

Learner C: The learning has refreshed my knowledge. Many thanks


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