Children’s Home Care Plan – ‘My Plan’


Introducing ‘My Plan’ – the ultimate child-centred care plan. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple documents, as this all-in-one template captures all aspects of care planning in a single document. With pre-written prompts and suggestions, you can easily complete the plan with the child, ensuring their voice is central to their care planning.

Our Children’s Home Care Plan meets the stringent requirements of The Children’s Home (England) Regulations 2015, giving you peace of mind that you’re complying with all the necessary standards. With prompts in every section, you’ll have everything you need to create a personalised care plan that meets the child’s unique needs.

We believe that children should be actively involved in their care planning, so ‘My Plan’ encourages them to view the home’s records as ‘living documents’. This allows them to regularly contribute to their care plan in a way that reflects their voice and imagination.

Get started with ‘My Plan’ today and give the children in your care the best possible chance to thrive.

(Instant download in word format)


Children’s Home Care Plan – ‘My Plan’

This child-centred care plan keeps the child at the centre of their care planning. 

‘Children should be encouraged by staff to see the home’s records as ‘living documents’ supporting them to view and contribute to the record in a way that reflects their voice on a regular basis.’ Guide to the Children’s Homes Regulations including the quality standards.

Now there is no need for dozens of documents to support the child with the Children’s Home Care Plan – ‘My Plan’.  This child-centred care plan captures all aspects of care planning in one document and meets The Children’s Home (England) Regulations  2015. The Children’s Home Care Plan template includes prompts and suggestions to help you complete ‘My Plan’ with the child and ensure the child’s voice is central to their care planning.

The Children’s Home Care Plan – ‘My Plan’ template includes the following sections:

All sections include pre-written prompts with suggestions on how to include the child’s voice and writing styles to capture the imagination.

  • About Me
  • What I Want You to Know About Me
  • My Current Plan
  • Things I Want You to Help Me With
  • My Interests
  • My Education
  • My Health
  • My Future
  • Keeping Me Safe
  • Positive Relationships
  • My Contacts
  • My Agreement

Anyone working with the Child or Young Person will have an immediate understanding of their:

  • Current care needs and future plans
  • Risks and risk management
  • Views, wishes and feelings

The Children’s Home Care Plan – ‘My Plan’

Straightforward to follow with each section walking you through prompts and suggestions to concisely capture the care planning process for the child’s day-to-day and long term journey with you, includes the following documents:

  • Children’s Home Care Plan – ‘My Plan’
  • My Daily Record
  • My Weekly Goal Planner
  • My About Me – One Page

Suitable for use with Children and Young People in:

  • Residential Children’s Homes.
  • Foster Care Placements
  • Residential Special Schools
  • Anywhere residential care plans are required

Instant download – all documents are in word format.


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