Children’s home key worker pack


Introducing our comprehensive bundle of key work tools, carefully curated to make the key work journey smoother and more successful. Whether admitting children and young people or facilitating their discharge, these essential tools will help you establish productive and life-changing relationships.

Our bundle includes a range of user-friendly templates designed to make your work easier. You can hit the ground running and achieve your goals confidently.

So why waste time and effort creating your tools when you can access our tried-and-tested bundle? Invest in your success and order our key work tools bundle today!

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Children’s Home Key Worker Pack

A useful bundle of key work forms and resources for children’s residential key working.

A useful bundle of tools and resources for key working children and young people from admission to discharge. Saving you time and effort.

From the admission of children and young people to their discharge, essential key work tools will make the key work journey productive and progressive.

All templates are easy to use and most include prompts to help get you started.

What is Included?

Key Worker Role and Key Worker Checklist

  1. The key worker role and checklist (includes all the tasks the key worker is responsible for when they are assigned to a young person. Tasks are included through admission to discharge.)
  2. The principles of key work and residential care.  (Follow this guide to key work in line with regulations)

Key Worker Duties and Planning

  1. Key worker action plan (Your personal plan of action for your key child)

  2. Key worker one-page profile (About You)

  3. Monthly key work session progress planners (Complete with your key child for the week ahead and monitor progress)

  4. Monthly key work report (Template to complete each month to update the child’s social worker of the child’s progress)

  5. Weekly contract/agreement (The rules of the home to be agreed and completed at the admission stage)

  6. Weekly menu plan (Complete weekly to keep the health and well-being progress on target)

  7. Weekly activity plan (Agree and plan the young person’s weekly activities with them)

  8. Weekly incentive plan (Agree on incentives for the week-ahead and monitor at each session)

  9. Weekly timetable (Education, health, independence, household, activities and plot into one timetable)

  10. Valuables and property record (Take an inventory at admission)

  11. Behaviour monitoring chart (If monitoring is required this handy chart can be completed by each shift)

  12. Record of statutory review dates (Keep note of statutory review dates)

  13. Young person questionnaire (A handy template to easily adapt for young people’s feedback)

  14. Young person’s exit questionnaire (An exit questionnaire to customise with your own exit questions)

  15. Unlocking Potential 10 Sessions. 

Key Worker Tools

  1. Outstanding ideas road map for making progress in key work (Big list of ideas mapped out to the children’s homes quality standards five main progress areas to motivate you to help your young person achieve outstanding outcomes)
  2. 25 fun questions for key work sessions (Find out what matters with these quirky ice-breaking questions)
  3. Well-being and self-esteem affirmations (50 pages of scenarios and things to say when you need to encourage your young person and help re-build their self-esteem)

Life Story Template

  1. Life Story Template (A life story template complete with images that can be swapped out to create a personalised life story with the young person in easy steps – PowerPoint template and photo bundle included)

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