Children’s Home Manager’s Annual Planner

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Manage future uncertainty with ease

In uncertain times, you want to stay ahead without missing a critical step that could cost you time, money and damage your credibility or Ofsted inspection rating.

The Children’s Home Manager’s Annual Planner means 365 fewer tasks to worry about. With your manager completing each daily task, your service will be organised and compliant throughout the whole year!


The world is a much different place to what it was this time last year. With all the new things to think about, sometimes you just want something to be EASY!

That is why we have introduced the 

Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner

Tackle future uncertainties and save HOURS of time and stress!

Children's home manager annual planner

All of us are learning to adapt, BUT as a children's home provider, you have to manage the constant changes and extra worry about your young people, your staff, your business and your Ofsted requirements.

Sometimes you just need things done-for-you!

We have been using the Care Manager Annual Planner and this has helped our management team to identify upcoming tasks. They have been able to utilise the planner to prioritise tasks & plan their time more effectively. It is a great tool that helps the team to become more organised. I would highly recommend this planner to both new & experienced managers.  

Diane Worthington, Director of Care, FT Care Homes, Doncaster.


Manage future uncertainty with ease

We do your annual organising and planning for you.

In uncertain times, you want to stay ahead without missing a critical step that could cost you time, money and damage your credibility or inspection rating.  The Children’s Home Manager's Annual Planner means 365 less tasks to worry about. With your manager completing each daily task, your service will be organised and compliant throughout the whole year!


Face each challenge with confidence and consistency

Keep your business development moving forward no matter what.

This past year has brought with it some of the most challenging times children’s home providers have ever faced. Finding the time to come up with fresh ideas, create your Ofsted ready service, and run your business is even more exhausting! Transforming your annual planning and completing your management requirements starts right here with a copy of the Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner.


Achieve peace of mind with a step-by-step system

Your managers are prompted with the tasks YOU need them to do.

With so many new distractions coming your way, it is easy to lose sight of the smaller details. The Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner is a step-by-step system,  which will give you peace of mind. Your manager will have a prompted task every day and will be managing the duties needed to keep your service compliant and progressive

How it works

Organised planning means both you and your manager know what to expect and when.

Daily Tasks:

Tasks are notified on a daily basis and there is always at least one essential must-do daily task for your manager to complete. 

Annual Tasks:

Tasks that occur only once a year but need preparation and action including statutory requirements and compliance reviews.

Weekly Tasks:

Tasks that will always need your weekly attention are planned for your manager to act upon or delegate.

Monthly Tasks:

Complete monthly tasks on scheduled days with "pre-planning days" and "finish days" arranged and timetabled.

Focused Tasks:

Vary planning at different times of the year like young people’s holidays and specific focus areas like safeguarding and quality of care.

Task Helper Cards:

Click on the day's task and a helper card appears with brief instructions on how to complete the task for the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we access the planner?

  • Make your payment.
  • An email will be sent to you with the file and instructions.
  • You will get immediate access to the content.

Are templates for completing tasks included?

No, this is an annual planner which gives you the plan and tasks; however, most items can be purchased separately and for a discount in our shop  (discount code will be sent after purchase).

How is the planner informed?

The planner is informed by the requirements of the Children’s Homes Regulations and the Quality Standards (2015) , the Social Care Common Inspection Framework (SCCIF), industry good practice recommendations and many years of supervising and supporting residential children’s homes managers. 


How do we upload it? 

The planner is provided as a calendar file for upload to Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.  An Excel version of the planner is also included.

How to upload the planner file to Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Google Calendar

1. Open Google Calendar.
2. In the top right, click Settings
3. Click Import from the Import & Export section.
4. Click Select file from your computer and select the file .ics file you downloaded.
5. Choose which calendar to add the imported events to. By default, events will be imported into your primary calendar.
6. Click Import.
7. You should now see the Children’s Home Manager's Annual Planner in your Calendar and in your Calendars section.
8. Notifications should start the next day.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

1. Log in to Exchange Online, where you wish to transfer or migrate Google calendar to Office 365 account.
2. Move to Calendar option, select Add Calendar and then on from file. As soon as you have done this, browse to the Children’s Home Care Manager’s Annual Planner file and upload to Microsoft Office 365.
3. Store the chosen file by the click on Save.
4. The calendar is now available in Microsoft outlook.

If you use other calendar applications, please google ‘How to upload google calendar file to your calendar name.' 


Is this a standalone system?

Yes, the planner is designed to be used as a standalone system that your manager works with to ensure you stay compliant and complete your statutory and management tasks.


Can it work alongside our existing systems?

Yes, it will complement an existing system, but we always recommend one system to prevent overwhelm. 


Can we add things to the planner?

Yes, it will be uploaded to your system, so you can add your own additional tasks. We would advise against amending existing tasks as all tasks are set to a routine or timetable. 


Does it cover our Ofsted monitoring requirements?

Yes, the statutory requirements that your manager should be checking or completing on a regular basis are built in to ensure your manager is always up to date with what is needed. Time to complete Regulation 44 outcomes and Regulation 45 Review of Quality of Care reports are already scheduled into the planner. 


Does the planner help leadership and management?

Yes, the planner outlines the leadership and management requirements for the manager. Regular staff meeting agenda preparation time, regular staff meetings, scheduled senior meetings and care-focused planning meetings are scheduled for the whole year.  Staff training planning and evaluation are planned to ensure your manager keeps the team development moving forward. 


When does the planner start?

You can upload the planner anytime and start straightaway.


What is the refund policy?

As you get instant access to the content and the content is in plain text, we don’t offer a refund. The data is instantly displayed and starts to work immediately.


Can I get support?

Yes, you can contact us at and we will answer your questions.


Can I buy one copy for all my managers?

No, this is a single license for one manager. If you wish to bulk buy for a number of managers please contact us and we will be pleased to arrange bulk use price. 


Is it a digital product or physical?

You will be sent a download of the file to upload to your calendar by email. You will also be sent an Excel and PDF file of the planner to download. You will not receive anything by post but only by email. 

Children's home manager annual planner

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