Children’s Home Manager’s Ofsted Ready Daily Planner 2024


The Children’s Home Manager’s Daily Planner ensures you complete the critical tasks necessary for maintaining Ofsted readiness and compliance throughout the year.

It includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks to assist you in staying prepared for Ofsted inspections. Keep your management essentials up to date and your regulatory compliance in check to stay ahead of the curve.

Benefit from tips and advice on effectively completing tasks across daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules—access related notes by clicking on the red flag.

Track and demonstrate tangible progress with a full year’s schedule of essential, mandatory statutory and innovative development tasks organised for you.

Enhance your leadership and management skills with tasks to strengthen your team and personal development.

Simplify task delegation by ensuring your team knows their objectives in advance.

Instant download XL and instruction file.


That is why we have introduced the 

Ofsted Ready Daily Planner 2024

Keep it Simple and Consistent!

Daily/weekly/monthly/annual tasks planned for you.

Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner

Ofsted Inspection Ready Daily Planning Tool

We have been using the Care Manager Annual Planner and this has helped our management team to identify upcoming tasks. They have been able to utilise the planner to prioritise tasks & plan their time more effectively. It is a great tool that helps the team to become more organised. I would highly recommend this planner to both new & experienced managers.  

Diane Worthington, Director of Care, FT Care Homes, Doncaster.

Save Time and Make Progress!

Ensure your managers are doing the tasks YOU need them to do to stay Ofsted ready. 

As a busy children's home manager it can be easy to lose sight of the smaller details needed to keep you Ofsted Inspection ready. The Children's Home Manager's Daily Planner is designed to help keep you regulatory compliant and effective and give you peace of mind that your regulatory requirements and service progress are being achieved. 

How it works

Organised planning means you stay one step ahead!

Daily Tasks:

Tasks are organised on a daily basis and there is always at least one essential must-do daily task for the manager to complete. 

Annual Tasks:

Tasks that occur only once a year but need preparation and action including statutory requirements and compliance reviews.

Weekly Tasks:

Tasks that will always need your weekly attention are planned for the manager to act upon or delegate.

Monthly Tasks:

Complete monthly tasks on scheduled days with "pre-planning days" and "finish days" arranged and timetabled.

Focused Tasks:

Vary planning at different times of the year like young people’s holidays and specific focus areas like safeguarding and quality of care.

Task Helper Cards:

Click on the day's task and a helper card appears with brief instructions on how to complete the task for the day. 

Children's Home Manager's Annual Planner

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