Children’s Home Manager’s Supervision

Consistent outcome-focused leadership and management lie at the heart of any good or outstanding children’s residential social care service.  As a busy forward-thinking provider, you will want to continuously challenge your Managers to keep your service moving forward, meeting and exceeding your Ofsted inspection requirements whilst offering them essential support and mentoring.

Confidential 1-1 supervision from Rezume can help you support your managers with meaningful, supportive and collaborative monthly supervision.

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How we can help?

  • We help children’s residential care providers, large and small, to accelerate their journey toward sustainable care, compliance, and management excellence.  We do this by providing 1-1 coaching and supervision to children’s residential social care managers nationwide.

What experience do your consultants have?

  • Rezume has a proven track record of supporting residential care providers to navigate their Ofsted inspection and compliance requirements successfully, build their team through effective supervision and training and providing confidential business support as and when required.  We are here to help you continue to deliver high-quality care and support.

Where is supervision held?

  • Managers supervision takes place in our secure online meeting room. All that is needed is a computer or laptop with internet and webcam access.

How do we get feedback?

  • At the end of each session, you will receive a written summary of the meeting with actions included.
  • We will send goals, goal planners, tasks, and objectives to the Manager and Provider after the session.

Why should I book with you?

  • When you book Managers supervision with Rezume, you are guaranteed access to one of our top consultants and improvement experts.
  • Your Manager will receive a dedicated supervisor. We guarantee the same consultant every time.
  • Supervision includes coaching and advice on implementing the statutory requirements and obligations of your business.
  • Our supervisors are always up to date with children’s residential social care regulatory requirements and legislation.
  • No waiting around, we provide supervision or coaching via our secure private online meeting room. All that is needed is a computer with webcam access.


Children's home manager supervision

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