Children’s Home Managers Toolkit

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Are you Inspection Ready? Find out over the next 30 Days!

Whether you are a well-established children’s home provider looking to improve your Inspection outcomes and grow your service or a new provider just starting up this toolkit is for you.

  • Over the next 30 days give your home a thorough inspection-ready health check.
  • The quality standards toolkit gives you 30 days of content to improve your inspection readiness and regulatory requirements.
  • Includes a 30- day schedule already set out to help you get it done.

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How would you like to get Inspection Ready in the space of 1 month?

Now you can with the Quality Standards Toolkit.

Whether you are a well-established children’s home provider looking to improve your Inspection outcomes and grow your service, or, just starting out as a children’s homes service provider, this toolkit provides an easy way to help build your outcomes and Inspection readiness.

Now you won’t need to work more hours to put together the documents and systems to future proof your social care success, but you do need to,

Take Back Your Time and Grow Your Inspection Outcomes

Managing all the tasks that come with being Inspection and Quality Standards Ready can be a daunting task. Here’s why. By the time you finish your workday—and if we’re honest, you’re never finished. There are still many things on your to-do list. But when you finally close your office door at the end of the day you’re far too exhausted both mentally and physically even to consider clearing the ground to start building your foundation.

The Quality Standards Toolkit provides the tools you need to build an always inspection ready service.

Quick and Easy – Many of our templates have prompts or quick written examples built in that you can adjust for your particular service.

How it works

Quality Standards Toolkit Getting Started Guide and Implementation Schedule

Inside the toolkit, you will find a done-for-you monthly schedule. The schedule is designed to help you complete the essential elements in 1 month. It is set out to plan out your month into bite-sized chunks so you can delegate this task to Managers who you need to get the job done. The schedule includes daily must-do items to keep your service ticking over which you can edit to suit your needs and also contains an additional daily task to get your toolkit completed in just four weeks.


Quality and Compliance 

Managers Inspection Ready Monitoring

  • An XL template that includes all the elements your inspector will be checking on the day of your inspection.
  • 12 months of data sheets for your essential information.
  • At a glance data page which collates your monthly data.
  • Easily identify patterns and trends in your service and make your monitoring simple.

Managers Full Audit Matrix

An XL template that includes all your essential day-to-day monitoring in one handy spreadsheet.

  • All the little day-to-day things can quickly get forgotten, and essential recording missed!
  • This tidy format enables you to ensure your seniors are completing everything regularly.
  • Keep an eye on care planning and young people’s records.
  • Ensure your statutory monitoring is being completed.
  • The handy action plan included can be sent to your team for updating after your audit.

Measuring Progress Checklist

This checklist will give you ‘precise’ ways to check how effectively you are measuring your young people’s progress and show you how to go about ensuring progress can be evidenced.

  • Efficiently gauge whether you measure children and young people’s progress.
  • Quickly establish the progress made from starting points to date.
  • Ensure your team are focusing on the essential progress areas.

Inspection Ready Fitness Test

This test takes the principles of residential care and helps you test your inspection readiness against them. Residential care is more than just evidencing quality via paper. This checklist will show you what you should be aiming for when creating an Inspection Ready Environment.

  • This quick checklist can be undertaken on a regular basis to ensure you are covering the priorities outlined in the ‘Principles of Residential Care.’

Review of Quality of Care Policy

Essential policy to keep alongside your quality and compliance forms.

Regulation 44 Template

  • Your independent visitor plays a vital part in helping you identify hotspots in your service.
  • This template is wholly prompted to help your visitor cover essential areas at your monthly visit.

Regulation 45 Template

  • Highlight your service progress and development in this handy Quality of Care Review Template.
  • Prepare the essential elements you need to send to Ofsted.

Regulation 46 Template – Annual Location Review

The protection of children standard is that children are protected from harm and enabled to keep themselves safe.

  • In particular, the standard requires the registered person to ensure that the premises used for the home are located so that children are adequately safeguarded.
  • This template will help you prepare your Annual Location Review, is entirely prompted with links to the essential information you need to check to ensure you have adequately risk assessed your location.

Safeguarding Policies and Practice Checklist

  • This checklist helps ensure that your service is in the safeguarding safe zone.
  • Ensure your team are keeping all the elements in place to safeguard your children, young people and Inspection outcomes.

Quality Standards Spot Check

  • Are you covering all the areas you need to?
  • Have a senior or someone with a fresh pair of eyes carry out this spot check on the home.
  • The objective is to carry out a fearless and thorough assessment of the service.

Compliance Guides and Checklists

  • Essential Legislation Guidance

This quick guide puts together the necessary legislation from the quality standards at a glance.

  • Judgement Framework Quick Guide

Handy at a glance one-page representation of how the judgement framework and standards work together.

  • Policy and Records Checklist

The policies and records your service needs to have in place.

  • Qualifications Checklist

Handy guidance on the qualifications the team need to have or be working towards.

Care Planning

Care Plan

A new care plan template for 2017 items have been added as suggested by users.

Also Includes:

  • Daily Record
  • Weekly Goals Planner
  • Activity Planner
  • Weekly Goals Monitoring
  • One page profile

Case Records

  • Case Records Policy Guidance

Policy guidance on the case records that must be kept in your care home.

  • Case Records Consent Form

Consent to view records form that should be available on young people’s records for anyone who might wish to view such as Regulation 44 visitors.


  • Children’s Case Records Guidance
  • Review of Quality of Care
  • The Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

  • Statement of Purpose Policy

Policy to inform the homes Statement of Purpose – Ensure your team have read it and signed up to be fully briefed on your statement of purpose.

  • Statement of Purpose Template

Use this template to cover all the essential areas of regulation regarding your Statement of Purpose. The template is set out with prompts to give you ideas and suggestions on how to complete each section.

  • Statement of Purpose Induction

Ensure new staff are fully aware of your Statement of Purpose and how to apply it in your setting before they come onboard.

  • Statement of Purpose Staff Knowledge Test

Ensure all your team are up to speed with your Statement of Purpose and singing from the same hymn sheet.

 Additional Items

  • National Contacts and Links – Directory of essential links for your service and national contacts.


  • PDF Library – The 26 PDF’s of Essential Guidance referred to throughout the Quality Standards – no need to go searching for them these can be accessed at your fingertips.


We will also include FREE quality standards related posters to make your noticeboard alive and relevant including our Quality Standards roadmap.

Newly Added 

Single Social Care Inspection Framework (SSCIF) – Are you ready?

Ofsted Inspection Grade Descriptors Checklist and Tools. 

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