Children’s Home Ofsted Inspection Tips

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Preparing for your children’s home Ofsted Inspection

This guide demonstrates the exact areas that your Ofsted inspector will consider, on the day of your children’s home inspection. It highlights the exact requirements they scrutinise on the day to reach their judgement outcomes.

Make it easy on yourself by focusing on the essential things you need to do and check using a straightforward, step-by-step inventory.

Includes, preparing for your inspection, how to make your staff team ready and essential questions for managers.

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Preparing for Your Children’s Home Ofsted Inspection

You are busy getting on with the job of providing high-quality care, managing the demands of a thriving service and juggling all the balls that come with being a successful provider.

You have good Managers in place, and you trust them to lead and inspire. You are more or less confident that they know what they should be doing to ensure your services are Ofsted inspection ready.

But, do you know precisely what your Ofsted Inspector will be doing and what they will be looking for on the day of your Inspection?

Let’s face it being Inspection ready does have to focus high in the day-to-day life of your service. Your long-term success depends on it.

Take the time to double check your children’s home is ready for inspection with our preparing for your children’s home Ofsted inspection pack.

This pack contains,

  • A guide to the essentials your Inspector will scrutinise on the day of your inspection including easy to follow steps to take a thorough inventory of the day of inspection requirements and ensure you are ready.


Preparing for your children's home Ofsted inspection

  • A step-by-step guide on how to prepare your staff team for essential questions and the knowledge they need for the day of your children’s home Ofsted inspection.

Preparing for your children's home Ofsted Inspection

  • Really useful questions every children’s home manager should answer and address before their children’s home Ofsted Inspection

Preparing for your children's home Ofsted inspection

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