Children’s Homes Staff Appraisal Training


The children’s homes staff appraisal training contains a selection of resources you can use to improve appraisals, performance manage and motivate teams and increase your workforce potential.

Get the best out of your team and help them achieve the results you want by winning at appraisals.

  • Increase staff retention.
  • Improve staff performance
  • Motivate and empower your staff team

Winning at appraisals provides everything you need to deliver a whole day training on effective appraisals. It includes an easy to follow, ready-made schedule for the day’s workshop, worksheets, power points and facilitators guide. Personalise the content with your logo and make it your own.

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Children’s Homes Staff Appraisal Training

This big bundle with over 25 pieces of done for you content, contains a selection of resources you can use to improve appraisals, performance manage and motivate teams or increase your workforce potential.

Staff retention is becoming a big issue for much social care and small service providers, and it doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon.

Robust appraisals that are planned and progressive will help you identify strengths and weaknesses, in an employee’s job performance and how to best support and develop them as a worker.

Staff retention can be improved when there is consistent, measured, performance support and development opportunities for the workforce.

3 Good Reasons for Prioritising Appraisals

Appraisals can help to reveal problems which may be restricting employees’ progress and causing inefficient work practices.

Regular dialogue between managers and their staff about work performance should be productive. However, in the absence of a formal appraisal scheme, much will depend on the attitude of individual managers.

An appraisal system can develop a greater degree of consistency by ensuring that managers and employees meet formally and regularly to discuss performance and potential.

Experience shows this can encourage better performance from employees.

Appraisals can help encourage and enhance your teams potential.

  • Determine the suitability of employees for promotion
  • Identify particular types of employment and training.
  • Improve communications by allowing employees to talk about their ideas and expectations
  • Performance manage progression.
  • Improve the quality of working life by increasing mutual understanding between managers and employees.
  • Provide a road map to improved productivity

Keeping it simple

An appraisal system does not need to generate a lot of paper to be effective; on the contrary, the most effective systems are often the simplest.

Use this package to teach your team how to run effective appraisals with the done for you content in this bundle.

Personalise the content with your own logo and personalised images or additional content.

Done for you course timetable included

Winning at appraisals can help too,

  • Enable your Managers to get the best from employee’s using an effective appraisals strategy.
  • Improve staff performance and retention.
  • Identify staff skill base and development needs.
  • Encourage and motivate your staff team.

Winning at appraisals can be used to, 

  • Facilitate your own in-house 1-day training course on appraisals.
  • Add to your existing resources for staff and managers.
  • Create a library resource for your team.

Winning at appraisals content

  • Appraisal Course registration form
  • Appraisal Preparation Form
  • Appraisees Guidance Notes
  • Appraisers Guidance Notes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Course Evaluation Form
  • Course Summary Handout Powerpoint Slide Deck.
  • Evaluate performance review skills
  • Facilitator Guide/Schedule
  • How do you direct your team
  • Introduce yourself guide
  • Introduce yourself
  • Investors action plan
  • Investors evidence tool
  • Personal development plan
  • Personal development plan record
  • Post appraisal recording form
  • Powerpoint 1 – Introductions
  • Powerpoint 2 – Appraisals
  • Powerpoint 3 – Goal Setting
  • Powerpoint 4 – Mindsets
  • Powerpoint 5 – Appraisals and Performance
  • Understanding the Job

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