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Outcome-focused leadership and management lie at the heart of any good or outstanding children’s home. Virtual Regulation 44 will help you keep on top of your statutory obligations during the current Coronavirus crisis. Secure meeting room and confidentiality guaranteed.

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Ofsted has issued a statement regarding the facilitation of Regulation 44 visits during the current phase of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis as follows:

‘We expect people to think about alternative ways to keep in contact, supervise provision and maintain oversight, such as using telephone and Skype, while recognising the limitations of this approach.’ Ofsted

In light of the above statement from Ofsted, we have contacted all existing Regulation 44 clients to make arrangements for virtual Regulation 44 to take place via our eConsult service.  If you are not already a client and would like support for your Regulation 44 or quality and compliance needs you can still take advantage of our eConsult service. Please call 01228 387056 or email

How it works

  • After purchasing your visit you will be re-directed to an online booking calendar.
  • Book your slot and we will be in touch to discuss arrangements and gather information about your service.
  • Virtual Regulation 44 is carried out online with our consultant and your Manager.
  • A report will be issued with actions to be sent to Ofsted in the normal way.

What our clients say

‘Challenging behaviour was the accepted term for staff challenging young people in this organisation until Rezume were contracted to undertake Regulation 44 visits. Suddenly it was staff and managers being challenged – to accurately record, evaluate and evidence young people’s involvement in their care. And so the staff ‘kicked off’ as is traditional when challenged. Gradually this behaviour was modified and inspection judgements improved in tandem. Systems are now simplified and plans robustly assessed and reviewed due to independent QA at its best from Rezume.’ Lou Elgilany, Responsible Individual, Plus 1 Care


‘We have found Rezume’s services to be undertaken in a professional and non-intrusive way, with integrity and attention to detail at the heart of their service. I would recommend their services for any care provision wishing to ensure compliance to statutory regulation.’ Teresa Scarlet, Chrysalis

Contact us for pricing – or 01228 387056

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