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Rezume e-consult supports children’s residential social care providers with regulatory compliance, quality improvement, Ofsted inspection readiness, care management strategies and general care business consulting. We provide support to busy providers who need a solution there and then.

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Meet your social care management and Ofsted Inspection challenges head-on

We help children’s residential care providers, large and small, to accelerate their journey toward sustainable care, compliance, and management excellence.

From small providers to multi-service providers, we are here to help you radically and continually improve your sustainability, compliance and management capability.

Why Might I need This? 

Every part of your business is changing.

It never stands still.

Every day there is another challenge or pressure on your business. For example,

  • Higher than ever demand for placements.
  • Intense levels of regulatory scrutiny.
  • Increased staff turnover.
  • Austerity fall-out.
  • Local authority cost-cutting amidst expectation of higher-value service delivery.
  • New competitors entering the market and financial threats.

Above all, demands on your business continually increase on a more for less expectation.

If the above sounds familiar, E-Consulting might be the solution, you are looking for!

As if the above were not enough, with technology continually evolving, today’s leaders must actively take charge of the journey to sustainable care, compliance, and management excellence.

  • As a busy social care provider, juggling your statutory requirements, achieving financial stability, the supervision or coaching needs of your leaders and managers are eating into your time and money.
  • Or, maybe your service needs to improve from inadequate or requires improvement to be good, and you know your managers need support to keep up the momentum to take your service to where it needs to be.
  • Or, maybe you have a complicated performance issue, and you want to support your leaders and managers, but you also have a business to run.
  • Or, maybe you have a requires improvement or inadequate Ofsted Inspection rating and need support to recover.
  • OR, maybe you are a provider who wants additional support for yourself to ask questions, discuss issues that impact your service or want to lead and guide your team more effectively and want assistance in the background to achieve this.

E-Consultants offer Ofsted inspection and business support

E-consulting sessions are focused on your specific problem, issue, and the goals you seek to achieve.

  • Advice and guidance on how to successfully navigate statutory requirements
  • Achieving and sustaining good or outstanding Ofsted Inspection ratings
  • Results based staff performance improvement and increasing staff retention
  • Future-proofing financial sustainability and business performance
  • Preparing prospective Registered Managers for their Ofsted registration interviews
  • How to successfully register and run a children’s home or social care provision
  • General advice and support on day-to-day management and business concerns
  • Tender writing for submissions
  • Advice on challenging Ofsted
  • List not exhaustive. 

What do our clients say?

Since my first contact, Rezume’s approach has been highly professional. The session’s delivery demonstrated a high level of sector-related expertise; the consultant was able to provide direction where needed while flexibly responding to any issues I raised. Fabrizio Donati, Development / Registered Manager – Children Services, New Futures Children’s Services

What experience do your consultants have?

Established in 2008, Rezume Care Management Consultants support providers countrywide to achieve and sustain inspection outcomes, improve employee performance, save time and money, and grow their service. All consultants are child social care specialists in their own right. The team consistently provides solution-focused outcomes enabling financial sustainability, business continuity, Ofsted inspection improvement, and care management advice and support.

Confidential feedback

  • At the end of each session, you will receive a written summary of the session with actions included.
  • Any goals, goal planners, tasks, and objectives will be sent to the provider updated after the session.
  • We keep a recorded version of the session with your permission, and this remains confidential.

Why should I book with you?

  • When you book with Rezume, you are guaranteed access to one of our top consultants and improvement experts for considerably less than an onsite consultation would cost.
  • Rezume is 100% committed to providing children’s residential care providers with a quick and easy way to get questions answered or expert advice and support when you need it most.
  • Access expert Ofsted Inspection and regulatory support and or general advice online.  No waiting around for appointments; simply pay and book the next available date.

How does it work?

Try us out for half an hour at our special offer taster session price only £50.
  • Book your advice and support appointment to get started and see if we are a fit to meet your requirements.
  • Once you have paid you will be re-directed to our booking form.
  • Supervision or coaching is provided via our secure private online meeting room. All that is needed is a computer with webcam access.

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