Life Story Workbook


Introducing the Life Story Workbook – a unique tool for young people to document their life journey from birth to the present day. With 54 pages of thoughtfully prompted questions, your young person can write about their experiences, add photos and make notes in their own words and in their own time.

This easy-to-use workbook is designed to be adaptable to your young person’s preferences, so they can personalise it to reflect their unique personality and journey. The prompts are open-ended and allow for a wide range of responses, so your young person can express themselves freely.

The Life Story Workbook features a timeline that starts from birth and tracks all significant events up to the present day. There is also space to record family memories and important life events. By using this workbook, your young person can better understand their life journey and track their growth and progress over time.

Our Life Story Workbook is an invaluable resource to help young people capture their life stories and gain insights into their personal growth and development.

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The Story of You – Life Story Workbook

lifestory workbookA life story workbook with 54 prompted pages for young people to write about their life stories, add photos and make notes in their words, their way and in their time.  The life story workbook is easy to use and adapt to suit your young person’s preferences.

The life story workbook has a timeline from birth to the present day and includes space for family memories and life events to be recorded throughout. Use the life story workbook to help young people track their life journey.

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