Introducing our Contingency Plan Policy for Temporary or Permanent Service Closure, specifically for supported accommodation providers seeking registration with Ofsted. Aligned with the Guide to Supported Accommodation Regulations and the Quality Standards, this policy ensures compliance while managing temporary or permanent closures effectively.

Our Contingency Plan Policy outlines procedures for effective communication with residents, informing them about changes and reasons behind closures while addressing potential risks or concerns. The policy guides you through the steps to facilitate the secure transfer of records in compliance with data protection guidelines. Working collaboratively with the accommodating authority to ensure that alternative accommodation options are promptly arranged to protect the rights and welfare of the young people in your care.

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements and demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional supported accommodation services with our Contingency Plan Policy for Temporary or Permanent Service Closure.

•• Please note if you upgrade to our full policy package at a later date, we will refund the purchase of this policy in full.