With Ofsted on the war path, armed with the strength of public opinion, incoming quality standards, regulations and an amended judgment framework, Children’s Home  providers face yet another change challenge, with children hom’s home inspections from April 2015.

Inspection ratings of inadequate and adequate are already on the increase; providers are being pushed to the limit like never before. According to Ofsted Data, receiving a judgment of ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ is indicative of the likelihood or risk of a home/service closure within a year of Inspection. Additionally, an ambiguous ‘Best Fit’ approach to Inspection will soon be the order of the day.

It is fair to say there is no better time to begin to make sense of the changes that will be required, what they mean in practice and what must be done to comply with them.

How can you be sure you will be Ready for your Children’s Homes Inspections?

In the coming weeks we will share with you,

  • Guides to the requirements of the Quality Standards, Regulations and Ofsted Framework and how to implement them.
  • Easy strategies providers and Managers can use to reduce the risk of receiving a ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ judgment at inspection.
  • Summaries on the areas of Impact and how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls.
  • Tools and tips you can use to keep your service inspection ready and compliant.

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Maggie Danesfahani
Ofsted Inspection Improvement Specialist and Independent Regulation Visitor.
Contact: maggie@rezume.co.uk