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Residential Family Assessment Centres

Our experienced consultants can support your residential family assessment centre with statutory policies, Regulation 25 visits, mock inspections and confidential advice. 

Residential family assessment centre’s Ofsted inspection support

Residential family assessment centres tackle some of the most complex and demanding family issues and challenging parenting situations. Providers of these centres must also adhere to statutory regulations, local authority and court requirements, and mandatory compliance-reporting measures.

Managing a residential family assessment centre can be difficult for providers, who often struggle to keep up with their documentation, regulation, and inspection requirements.

At Rezume, we understand these challenges and can help you navigate the changing landscape of rules and regulations. Our professional team can handle the complex paperwork, ensure your business remains compliant, and avoid unwanted Ofsted inspection outcomes.

Our services are designed to allow providers to focus on what they do best: caring for the most vulnerable. If you need advice or struggle to keep up, contact Rezume today. We’re here to help.

Many residential family assessment centre providers find running their business challenging, find out how a mock inspection can help!

Residential family assessment centre’s policies and procedures

Contact us for a free, friendly discussion or advice on your situation.

Policies and Procedures

Procedures, documents and templates access the most up to date and compliant information you need to run your service.

Regulation 25 Visitors

We can take care of your Regulation 25 and Regulation 23 statutory monitoring requirements.

Ofsted Compliance

Book a mock inspection and stay up to date and compliant with the current regulatory requirements.

Rezume offer a comprehensive and professional service. Rezume’s revision of policy and procedure have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of relevant legislation, and attention to detail.

ChrysalisTS, Director , Residential Family Assessment Centre, Yorkshire.
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