Is your residential family centre preparing for an Ofsted Inspection?  Ofsted Inspectors will group the findings from your inspection under three headings. The headings can be found in the Social Care Common Inspection Framework (SCCIF) for residential family centres. The main themes you will be inspected under are how you protect children and families, the overall progress children and families make during the assessment process and the effectiveness of leaders and managers.

Inspectors are looking for evidence of progress and how you keep children safe. You can check how you are doing against the areas of required evidence below. Try and evaluate how much progress you are making or identify roadblocks to progress and how to eliminate them.

Ofsted inspectors will track family assessment records and systems in your centre to ensure you are fulfilling the criteria for good. You can be one step ahead by assuring yourself that you know how to evidence each point and that your evidence is updated!

Use our handy checklist to help you check your readiness under each heading.

Residential family centre Ofsted tips

How to open a residential family centre

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How to open a residential family centre