Residential family assessment centres strongly focus on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. The protection of individuals is central to the assessment process for families residing in the centre.

This month, we invite you to delve into the inspection criteria falling under the SCCIF category of ‘how well children and parents are helped and protected’.

In this challenge, you must consider the following areas of evidence:

  • The extent to which the centre promotes and safeguards the welfare of children during the assessment process.
  • The identification, understanding, and management of risks, as well as whether the support provided enables parents to reduce risks and promote the safety of their children, taking into account individual circumstances and past experiences.
  • The provider’s response to children who may be at risk of harm or go missing, including neglect, abuse, exploitation, self-harm, bullying, radicalisation, and parents who may leave the centre.
  • Staff’s ability to manage situations and behaviour and whether clear and consistent boundaries create a sense of well-being and security for children and parents.
  • Whether the safeguarding measures in place to protect children and parents comply with statutory and government requirements.

By addressing these points in this challenge, you will make significant progress in preparing your service for inspection.

Download the PDF version here.

How to open a Residential Family Centre

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