Setting up a children’s home can be a lengthy and complicated process. Successful registration will depend on your sector experience,  the background of your manager and your access to resources such as finance and property. You will have to comply with the requirements for Ofsted Children’s Homes Registration. You are expected to meet the requirements of the Children’s Home Quality Standards and The Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015 alongside meeting the expectations of the Social Care Common Inspection Framework (SCCIF) and a raft of additional legislation and practice guidance. Having support in the short term can be instrumental to your success in the long-term.

The Ofsted Registration Process

The Ofsted registration process can take up to 16 weeks, but this is only a guideline.

If you want to run a children’s home, you must register with Ofsted under the Care Standards Act 2000 before you can open.  It is an offence to run a children’s home without the appropriate registration. The requirement to register helps to prevent unsuitable people from owning, operating, managing or working within children’s homes.

You must satisfy Ofsted that you meet several legal requirements, including those within:

  • Care Standards Act 2000
  • The Care Standards Act 2000 (Registration)(England) Regulations 2010
  • The Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015
  • You must also take account of the guide to the children’s homes regulations, including the quality standards. You must have regard to this guide in interpreting and meeting The Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015.

The length of the registration process will depend on whether you have completed everything that is needed for Ofsted to consider your application. You must have a registered manager and property at the point of application, and the manager must have experience as the fit person interview process is rigorous.  You will be required to submit several documents with your application, including your:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Children’s Guide
  • Business Plan
  • Locality Risk Assessment
  • Essential Policies
  • Cash Forecast
  • Financial Documents

Post application Ofsted will visit your premises to ensure they are fit for purpose and carry out fit person interviews with your proposed manager.  During Ofsted’s visit, they will check your policies and procedures, care planning arrangements, safeguarding arrangements, locality risk assessment and ensure you can meet the expectations of your statement of purpose.

You can find more details on the documents you need to submit and the building and registration requirements in our start-up package – please click here.

We can help you with the children’s home registration process

Take the hard work and the guesswork out of opening your residential children’s home.

Registration Documents

We can review your documents or help you write them

Before you submit your documents to Ofsted, have them checked by our team to ensure they are ready to go, including your:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Children’s guide
  • Business plan
  • Locality risk assessment
  • Essential policies
  • Cash forecast
  • Financial documents
  • Staff handbook
  • Reviewing registration forms
  • Reviewing fit person forms

We can review all your documents for you, ensuring that you don’t send them to Ofsted before you are entirely satisfied that they meet all the requirements for registration. Don’t waste precious time having documents rejected or returned.

If you don’t have the registration essentials, please look at our Children’s Home Start-Up package, as it contains all the essential resources needed for your registration, plus helpful step-by-step guides. Click here.

The Registered Manager

You must have a manager in place before you submit your registration.

The requirements for the person applying to be the registered manager:

  • within the last 5 years, worked for at least 2 years in a position relevant to the residential care of children;
  • worked for at least one year in a role requiring the supervision and management of staff working in a care role; and
  • by the relevant date, attained—
  • the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Residential Childcare (England) (“the Level 5 Diploma”); or
  • a qualification which the registered provider considers to be equivalent to the Level 5 Diploma.

We can support you with:

  • Preparing job description and specification
  • Essential interview questions
  • Shortlisting and selection
  • Contract considerations
  • Mock fit person interview
  • Monthly managers supervision

Other Essentials

The registration process can be a long and time-consuming phase of your journey. If you are new to the children’s social care sector, it is wise to take advice from the start.  At times you might feel as though it is challenging as well as exciting; our consultants can help keep you on track as you move through the registration process.

Don’t be tempted to appoint an inexperienced manager. You will need someone who has a strong track record and experience to satisfy the Ofsted registration criteria.

Your location is essential to the well-being of children and will need to be chosen wisely. Always consult your local commissioners on the needs of your area. You will need an appropriate building with the correct planning consent.

You will need a substantial budget at the outset of your project. The funding required will depend on the size, location and starting point of your children’s home, but you can expect to have an initial outlay of up to £100k.

We can help you through the Ofsted registration process – contact us today to discuss your requirements –

Children’s Home Start-Up Package

Is it time to launch your vision?

If you are ready to start your home but need a roadmap for Ofsted registration, then our start-up package has you covered.  How to start a children’s home includes the essential documents you need to get started, including the pre-written text for you to amend and align with your mission and vision.  Easy to follow guides and step-by-step checklists ensure you have completed the essential step’s needed before submitting your information to Ofsted. The required policies and service documents you must submit to Ofsted are included for you.

Rezume Care Management consultants

Members Area Content

  • Annual budget spreadsheet done-for-you.
  • Business plan template includes a 12-month cash forecast.
  • Children’s home statement of purpose.
  • Children’s guide.
  • Children’s home locality risk assessment.
  • Essential start-up questions and guide.
  • Guide to fee’s, commissioning, tenders and placement finding, including an action plan.
  • Guide to locating your home, planning regs, staffing costs and getting established, including an action plan.
  • Health and safety risk assessment.
  • Managers job description, person specification and job interview questions.
  • Policies and procedures needed for submission to Ofsted. (10 policies included)
  • Preparing for your registration interview registered individual includes essential questions.
  • Preparing for your registration interview registered manager includes essential questions.
  • Quality monitoring reporting documents.
  • Registration checklist planner with links to Ofsted documents.
  • Service implementation plan.
  • Safe recruitment and employing staff checklist.
  • Staff induction pack.
  • Support and follow up by email and via the web.
  • Workforce development plan.

Policies and Procedures Included

As required for submission to OFSTED

  • Accidents and Incidents
  • Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  • Complaints
  • Countering Bullying
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Missing Child
  • Reporting Safeguarding Process
  • Safeguarding Children from Criminal Exploitation
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People

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