Mock Inspections and Service Improvement

I just wanted to update that we were inspected this week, under the new framework for inspections and have been graded as ‘good’ in all areas.  Thank you so much for the pre-inspection service that I have no doubt contributed to the improvement of our service.

Hayley Cowmeadows, Manager, Fairways Residential Care
Thank you again for your help, I know we are paying for it but it is bloody worth it in my eyes.
TS, Director, Children's Home, Walsall

If you are looking for sector knowledge, enthusiasm for the task and considered advice you should be contacting Rezume. As a small provider operating Foster and children’s Residential provisions since 2007 there have inevitably been occasions when some expert remedial action has been urgently required- in one instance Rezume came in at short notice and assisted in obtaining a much improved OFSTED grading within the space of 7 days intensive work and staff coaching. I have also found Rezume to be skilful in general consultation, training and advice for management – so much so that Rezume are now on a general retainer for the Residential Management team. Attention to detail is good and we find that this type of diligence produces excellent dividends in achieving quality care.

SR, Children's Home Provider, Kent

Hi All, Please be advised that OFSTED visited today, and they have lifted the caution.  The enforcement Inspector was very impressed with the work that had been done in such a short period of time and said we would go back now to regular inspection schedules.  All actions MET!!

Operations Director, Children's Home, South East

Thank you so much for this (Mock Inspection) report.

JH, Executive Head of Education, Children's Home, Wiltshire

The manager is working hard on your suggestions from your visit which was so helpful.

SH, Children's Home Provider, South West

You provided us with a mock inspection of our previous service last summer.  I did find this a very helpful process and has resulted in several improvements to our service provision. 

HC, Residential Family Centre, Southampton

I have used the Rezume site since May 2018 and it has helped me hugely in the task of updating all company policies & procedures.  The forms on the site are easy to understand and staff are able to use the forms in the knowledge that all areas are covered in depth.

As I was so impressed with the system I decided to utilise the team to carry out a 2 day annual review on my home.  The report was exceptionally detailed and had key action points for everyone to achieve.  The team at Rezume are extremely knowledgable, helpful and supportive.  I would recommend the team to anyone wanting to improve the performance of their home.

Diane Worthington, Director, FT Carehomes

Rezume have supported us over the past three years keeping us on track and up to date with legislative requirements, developing our service and generally being Inspection Ready. We have found their input and support invaluable and their commitment to promoting our service has been undertaken with professionalism and integrity.

Teresa Scarlett, Director, Chrysalis Residential Family Assessment Centre

Inception to outstanding 1 year. The standards of care, support, supervision and security on offer represent the best practice we have seen concerning the reception and assessment of newly arrived children.

Children's Commissioner, Reception Centre, South East

Rezume made big promises to me about how they could rapidly turn the services around and they delivered as promised! Well done to both you and the team who supported through this process.

MN, Operations Director, Children's Home Provider, London

It is a fact that these sorts of results don’t just happen by magic! They demand the input of innovative, intuitive and inspired leaders who can turn a negative into a positive and who can ‘make it happen’ by leading from the front.

Head of operations, Children's Home, South East

Just to let you know that Ofsted again upheld the representations and withdrew their NOC. Thank you for your support during this horrendous time it has been invaluable.

JK, Children's Home Provider, South West

Policies and Procedures

Just an email to say thank you for the start up package you guys have put together it is really really helpful!


Rezume have been working with our Children’s division for several years, hosting and providing legislative updates to policy. When we were looking for a host for the Adult division, Rezume was the obvious solution. We were able to design a portal with the Rezume team that enables our staff to efficiently access and download out Policies and forms. Rezume send out update emails when we update policy, and have worked with us on improvements such as individualised access levels, passwords and security.

The team at Rezume are responsive, innovative and always available to assist corporately or with staff enquiries.

Victoria O'Meara, Director of Quality, CareTech Community Services

We are still awaiting registration, but thanks to you and Rezume we are ready for them!

Clare Johnson , ASC Care Ltd

As we are all used to just getting emails either asking for work or criticising I thought I would break the mould and let you know that I am soooooo impressed with this system – at last a system where we can find everything we need to do our work more effectively without having to ring the world and his wife just to get a form!! I am a happy manager today as I now feel we are catching up with other professional agencies.

RC, Registered Home Manager, National Care Provider, Hertfordshire

The forms and guidance have been a great help.

Clare Johnson, ASC Care Ltd

I have thoroughly enjoyed having my Rezume membership. I would like to to thank you very much for such an informative, helpful and current research.

Chelsea Shapcott

Rezume keeps us up to date with regulations, provides policies forms and templates all in one place with easy access. Providing a fast response to help us with any queries, and we love the Hotspots – as we are proactive in changing our systems as a result rather than reactive.

Diane Cain, Managing Director, U5 Social Care

Rezume offer a comprehensive and professional service. Rezume’s revision of policy and procedure have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of relevant legislation, and attention to detail.

Teresa Scarlett, Responsible Individual, Chrysalis Residential Family Assessment Centre

I have worked with Rezume for a number of years and they have been instrumental in developing and maintaining our policy portfolio. They have offered great advice and continue to be innovative in developing new processes to improve and simplify our policies and procedures.

Graham Lewis, CareTech, Director of Quality

have already been through the policy manual draft with all my service managers and locality managers and they are very pleased with the outcome.

Regional Director , Wales

Hi, Very helpful staff- taking step by step- being very patient and kind and not losing any temper with people like us who not very update with new IT systems. Thank You.

ML, Manager, Children's Home, London

Regulation 44 Visits

Many thanks for your work in improving [name] House in the last months.

Mihai Batky, Social Worker, Greenwich Children's Services

Challenging behaviour was the accepted term for staff challenging young people in this organisation until Rezume were contracted to undertake Regulation 44 visits. Suddenly it was staff and managers being challenged – to accurately record, evaluate and evidence young people’s involvement in their care. And so the staff ‘kicked off’ as is traditional when challenged. Gradually this behaviour was modified and inspection judgements improved in tandem. Systems are now simplified and plans robustly assessed and reviewed due to independent QA at its best from Rezume.

Lou Elgilany, Responsible Individual, Plus 1 Care

We have found Rezume’s services to be undertaken in a professional and non-intrusive way, with integrity and attention to detail at the heart of their service. I would recommend their services for any care provision wishing to ensure compliance to statutory regulation.

Teresa Scarlett, Chrysalis

The organisation is very pleased with the quality of the reports.

Special School, Director of Care, Kent