92% of those questioned could not adequately describe their organisation’s Statement of Purpose, what was in it or how it applied to what they do.  Including Managers!

Let’s be honest!

How many of your staff team, if they were asked,would be able to describe in detail, the care you offer, the organisations aims, objectives or ethos, outcomes for children or any other item as outlined in your Statement of Purpose or Mission Statement?

Our team recently undertook a study of managers and staff team’s knowledge of the Statement of Purpose for their particular service. This took place over a period of six months. Participants included staff and managers from Children’s Homes, Residential Special Schools and Residential Family Assessment Centres. The results were not promising as you can see from the above.

The days when Statements of Purpose gathered dust in a folder and the staff team only ever read them at Induction, is well and truly over! The Regulations and Quality Standards place major emphasis on the Statement of Purpose like never before!

Ofsted say,  ‘The Statement of Purpose will always be a focus and line of enquiry at Inspection’.

Your Ofsted inspector will spend a significant amount of their Inspection time in discussion with managers and staff. They will want to gauge how well they understand and apply the home’s Statement of Purpose.  Blanket statements or responses from your team, like the following example, will cost you dearly,

Your Manager and team must exude the content of the Statement of Purpose. They must be crystal clear, know what it means and how it is applied in practice.

This ‘know’ needs to go below the surface and be entrenched into the team’s psyche. The bad news is – If it is not, the regulations tell us the registered person will be held accountable.

Additionally, there are several specific elements that must be included in the content of your Statement of Purpose. It is not enough to grab the headings from the regulations and mould your content around those alone. The content must include specific elements peppered throughout the regulations and standards.

Managers were keen to know how they could embed their Statement of Purpose in the hearts and minds of their team. They were realistic about how difficult this might be and also about how it could be sustained. With this in mind, when we were updating our Statement of Purpose templates we included three extra elements. If your team is sketchy on their understanding you can get them up to scratch in no time with the following  3 Steps approach.

  1. A four – six week plan to embed the statement of purpose knowledge requirements within the team including accountability to ensure they ‘get it‘.
  2. A staff knowledge/competency test to identify shortfalls in understanding and address them.
  3. A protocol to follow to ensure new starters ‘get it‘ from the beginning.

If followed precisely your Statement of Purpose will become a living breathing document to be reckoned with and a ‘fail’ will be avoided.

Get a ready made statement of purpose template & plan for success! – If you would prefer a plan that is already mapped out. You can purchase a revised Statement of Purpose, 4-6 week plan to embedding it in your team, knowledge test and new starter protocol by downloading our statement of purpose bundle here.