The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), an industry-backed membership organisation which focuses on removing child sexual abuse content that is hosted anywhere in the world, has published its annual report, once upon a year.

The IWF has assessed 229,328 reports in the last year. ‘We assessed a webpage every 2 minutes. Every 5 minutes, that webpage showed a child being sexually abused.’

Findings include:105,047 URLs were confirmed as child sexual abuse images or videos in 2018, girls were victims in 78% of images.

The online report outlines the horrid stories of children who are being exploited online and the gruesome work being undertaken as a necessity to make children safer.

‘Olivia is now a young teenager. But we still see her as a child. Every day.’

“I first saw Olivia when she was about three. She was a little girl with big green eyes and golden-brown hair. She was photographed and filmed
in a domestic setting. Sadly, it may well have been her home and she was with someone she trusted. Olivia wasin the hands of someone who shouldhave looked after her, nurtured her. He betrayed her trust and in the most hideous way possible. Olivia should have been playing with toys enjoying an innocent childhood. Instead, she was subjected to appalling sexual abuse over a number of years.

I’ve seen Olivia grow up through cruel images and videos, suffering hideous abuse. She was repeatedly raped and sexually tortured.’

The online report outlines the online horror stories that agencies have to watch and review in their quest to catch predators and keep children safe. The statistics are shocking and outline how children feel invisible and are tormented by knowing their abuse is being watched and cruelly enjoyed by others.

Read the full report and the work that is being undertaken to fight back against the world of online predators and online child sexual abuse.

Source Internet watch Foundation.

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