The Promise Scotland has published Change Programme ONE. It is a plan of action for the coming year and follows on from the publication of Plan 21-24 which mapped and sequenced the 80+ calls to action in the Independent Care Review’s conclusions and identified five priority areas for the coming three years.

The collective buy-in to the change demanded by the Independent Care Review created an authorising environment for this approach to sequenced, collaborative implementation across multiple sectors and agencies towards a single, shared long-term vision.

This is new territory for Scotland.

The content of the Change Programme comes from the engagement The Promise Scotland is having with the organisations that have responsibility to change shape first or most for Scotland to #KeepThePromise.  They are referred to in the Change Programme as ‘lead organisations’.

Many of the meetings to discuss the promise included multiple agencies, reflecting the joint working taking place across local partnerships to support children and families, demonstrating a sustained, shared commitment for doing things differently.  The focus of the conversation was: what is happening now, what is planned and what is getting in the way of progress.

The Promise Scotland has made an assessment of the work against three categories. In nine areas, work is underway; in fifteen areas work is underway but does not yet appear sufficient, and in one area there is little or no work underway.

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