Once again, Children’s homes providers countrywide are bracing themselves for yet more regulatory reform. New Children’s Homes Quality Standards, Regulations, Guidance and revised Ofsted Inspection framework are due to launch in April 2015.

The truth is, you are probably already furiously planning as we fast approach the arrival of the Children’s Homes regulations 2015, incoming quality standards and Ofsted Inspection Framework. Judging by the flood of calls we have had over the last couple of weeks for Ofsted Inspection Health Checks it seems that many providers are keen to get the new requirements embedded and are off to a good start.

However, for some, embedding the objectives, expectations and requirements of the changes, with Managers and teams is proving easier said than done. Not only is time to get together usually a challenge but also another barrier to planning is the complexity of the changes.

Whether you decide to implement the reforms via your in-house teams or bring in an independent specialist to assist, there are a few key things you can bear in mind during the planning process. Planning ahead will ensure that your service is ready and engaged in the transition. Here’s how to start,

Step 1 – Implementation Checklist & Action Plan – 

[icon type=”icon-lamp”](Quality and Purpose of Care Standard & Leadership & Management Standard)

Although part of the intention of the incoming regulations & quality standards is to focus less on process and more on outcomes, the truth is we still need to plan and ensure that we get it right from the start. A few planned exercises at the outset are essential.

The DFE undertook an Impact Assessment outlining three key areas where it is anticipated providers will face significant challenges, they are

  • Staff Training
  • Staff Resource
  • Expenditure

Ofsted also regard the above as being among the main areas of weakness in homes rated inadequate/adequate. It is anticipated, that in order to satisfy the outcome requirements  providers will need to consider provision of additional resources to meet the requirements.  To ensure you have considered the full impact and implications we recommend you undertake an Implementation exercise.  If you don’t have your own, you can download ours by registering here. 

  • check_mark_blue_400_wht_3297Rezume’s Implementation Checklist and Action Plan will help you identify areas of weakness and evidence how you meet the areas of impact identified (Outcome Requirement Column).
  • Each outcome area is followed by a prompt to consider what is required to support the outcome.
  • Once you have completed how you meet the requirement/evidence remove the prompt from the table. Plot the action’s you will take to achieve or improve the outcome and the timescales to completion.
  • Create a folder where you keep this checklist and future tools, as this will form part of your evidence at Inspection.

Once you have finished completing the action plan you will be clear about your objectives and how you will meet or exceed them. Additionally, each tool will be linked to the applicable standard and begin to form part of your compliance evidence under the new inspection regime.

Be sure to check back for next weeks Inspection ready resource. ‘My Story Template’

Maggie Danesfahani
Inspection Improvement Specialist/Independent Regulation Visitor
Contact: maggie@rezume.co.uk

Protecting you from adverse inspection outcomes: If you are looking for external support, Rezume offer Mock Inspections, Inspection Health Checks, Inspection ready Workshops and Independent Visits. For more information please either visit the Children’s Homes section of our website or call our team on 01303 680460.

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