The mainstream media, year after year, report after report, relish presenting a negative doom and gloom picture of painting all children’s residential social care in a bad light.

Media reports portray residential children’s homes and social care providers in a way that leads to the belief that nothing good is happening in the world of residential children’s homes and social care.

In my opinion and experience, the pictures painted are incomplete.

There are many more residential children’s homes and social care providers providing services that can be life-changing experiences for the young people they serve than not!

Joes’ Story

Joe’s story demonstrates how children’s home providers provide the environment in which young people can start to deal with their trauma and how skilled staff make all the difference when managing crisis daily.




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‘I have utilised Maggie’s expertise in order for us to work towards achieving an outstanding outcome for our children’s home with Ofsted. Maggie is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to assist wherever possible. She is professional and will often go above and beyond in order to help you to achieve your goal. We have utilised her to provide supervisions for the management team, she has completed a pre-inspection annual audit and the action plan she provided us was both thorough, in-depth and yet the actions were straightforward. She is an excellent sounding board. The standard of work Maggie provides is exceptional and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. As a business, we have implemented Maggie’s suggestions and the team are happy with the streamlined approach her documentation provides.’

Diane Worthington, Managing Director of a Residential Children’s Home, Doncaster